Flirty Aprons’ Lulla Bibs Have Got You Covered

by Editors

Flirty Aprons’ Lulla Bibs Have Got You Covered

Site offers sturdy bibs for toddlers and fun aprons for you.


After your baby turns a year old, it can be hard to find bibs that keep her clean while she learns to feed herself. Most are either too small or too easy for your child to remove. Lulla Bibs by Flirty Aprons solve these problems with larger sizes and better fastening mechanisms.


Instead of hook-and-loop fasteners, which can snag your little one’s hair, Lulla Bibs have a large, easy-to-use snap. For less mess, the fabric covers your child’s shoulders and thighs. The bibs are made of soft cotton with a 100 percent waterproof backing, so you don’t have to worry about leaking or cracking with use.


Lulla Bibs are designed to fit children 12 to 30 months old and are available in a range of patterns. They measure 14 inches x 24 inches and include adjustable snaps to grow with your child. The full wraparound design is perfect for use during mealtime or arts and crafts.


And if you need help keeping spills off your own clothes, check out Flirty Aprons’ offerings for men and women. Frilly designs let women feel feminine while working hard around the house. Sturdy masculine aprons appeal to men who love to cook or grill. Choose from a variety of designs to match your personality.


Lulla Bibs are available for $9.95 each; men’s and women’s aprons start around $27.95. If you’d like to get matching cleaning gloves or oven mitts, they start at $12.95.