Fun & Funky Fall Style

by admin

Fun & Funky Fall Style

A touch of prep here, a few layers there. The season’s top trends for baby show classic looks with unexpected splashes of grown-up color.

Playful Stripes: Baby Kate

Pop a hint of striped detail throughout layered clothing to add some fun to your
stylish tot’s ensemble. Stripes give off a preppy, rugby-inspired vibe to even the most timeless outfits.

Crocheted shawl ($74; Long-sleeve shirt ($24; Denim skirt ($13; Striped leg warmers ($48; Sneakers ($32; Barrette ($9;

Playful stripes: Baby River

Polo ($10.50; shirt ($24; Corduroy pants ($39; Sneakers ($30; Anywhere Chair insert ($90) & slipcover ($39;

Sweet & Sassy: Sweet Kate

Every baby has a hint of sweet and a bit of sass. Her wardrobe should follow suit. Plush fabrics and pretty skirts convey innocence, while popped collars and funky shoes add a cheeky touch.

Jacket ($50; Little Ella Moss tunic (part of set; Skirt ($83; Shoes ($32;

Sweet & Sassy: Sassy Kate

Cashmere dress ($77; Tweed blazer ($70; Sneakers ($27; Leggings ($64; Miss Rio Ottoman ($350;

A Touch of ‘Tude: Baby Easton

Show ’em who’s boss with one item that’s just plain feisty. Bright colors and graphic prints spice up basic essentials and prove that the (little) devil really is in the details.

Lola & James shirt ($64; Toni Tierney tie shirt (part of set; Jeans ($30; Shoes ($32;

A Touch of ‘Tude: Baby River

Hat (part of set; Hoodie ($33; Shirt ($7; Khakis ($13;