Great Toys for $10 (or Less!)

by Denene Millner

Great Toys for $10 (or Less!)

Beginning Bites
Babies will shake, rattle and roll these plush teethers across their gums. You’ll love their sweet sound. The animals come in twos — a sheep and a pig, a lion and a sheep. ($5, Sassy) Buy it
birth and up

Hide ‘n Seek Soft Pyramid
It’s a teether, and squeak toy! Your baby can play peekaboo with the frog, check herself out in the mirror, or just sit back and feast on all the shapes and patterns. Attach it to your child’s car seat or stroller for take-along fun. ($10, Playskool) Buy it
3 months and up

Pop ‘n Cruise Cycle
We think this adorable, motorcycle wheelin’ turtle is a great stand-alone toy to roll around just for kicks. It comes with four interchangeable pieces, so your child can let her imagination zoom alongside her ride. ($5, Fisher-Price) Buy it
18 months and up

This magnetic marble maze is great for developing hand-eye coordination, but your child won’t care about the educational value: It’s fun to drag the marbles through the wooden maze. ($10, Educo) Buy it
2 and up

Nutty Squirrel
Unzip the acorn for a surprise — a cute, furry squirrel! His nuthouse is soft, light, and round enough to toss and roll. And the squirrel is so sweet and cuddly that your toddler will want to adopt a new lovey. ($10, Mary Meyer) Buy it
2 and up

Gertie Spiral Football
It’s lightweight and soft, so it won’t bend back little fingers or hurt when it hits, making this ball perfect for kids learning to catch and grip. A few breaths inflate it easily. Also comes in lime-green. ($8, Small World Toys) Buy it
2 and up


Ages 3 and Up

Sparkz Racerz
Rev the wheels, watch the sparks, and let this chunky car race on down the track (your kitchen floor). It’s perfect for tiny hands and packs a nice punch, considering it doesn’t need batteries. ($5, The Little Tikes Company) Buy it
3 and up

Shake a Face
Your child will get a kick out of the funny pictures painted on each of these cute wooden instruments. Choose from cymbals, knockers, maracas, and more. ($5, Alex) Buy it
3 and up

Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paint and Coloring Book
It’s a mess-free finger-paint set that’s invisible on everything except its special pad of paper. Just have your child rub the paint with her fingers, rub it on the paper, and watch the pictures appear! ($10, Crayola) Buy it
3 and up

Tub Tunes Water Flutes
Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” never sounded sweeter than in the tub! “Tune” each of the flutes by filling them with water, then let your child make beautiful music by following the notes on one of the five waterproof music sheets. ($10, Right Brain) Buy it
4 and up

Ages 6 and up

Doodle Dogs
Scribble away with this handheld pad, which gives your child step-by-step instructions for drawing pups, in all manner of poses. Includes 35 feet of doodle paper and a pencil. Other pads include Doodle Cats and Doodle Faces. ($10, Klutz) Buy it
6 and up

Lego X-Pod
Now your little builder can put his blocks in his pocket and take them wherever he goes. These nifty little containers hold enough Legos to create miniature versions of all sorts of wacky creatures. Each set builds up to seven toys. ($4, Lego) Buy it
6 and up

Sticky Beads Pens
She’ll feel oh-so-glamorous with these shimmering pens created by her own hand. Just stick on the self-adhesive strips, roll the mini-gel pens in the colorful mix of glass beads, and, voila!, your star has an autograph-worthy pen. ($10, Alex) Buy it
8 and up

Get a burst of family fun with this crazy card game, filled with twists that’ll keep everyone on their toes. Up to five players race to get rid of their cards with adding, spelling, or matching games. ($10, Cranium) Buy it
8 and up