Homegrown Toys: Made in the USA

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Homegrown Toys: Made in the USA

Guide to help you find fully made in the USA toys. Don’t put you kid at risk; get more tips and ideas on how to find the perfect toy at
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Given the recent toy recalls, a lot of parents are becoming intimately familiar with the challenge of removing toys from their kids – permanently. And that experience is giving the “Made in the USA” label a whole new cachet.The vast majority of toys sold in this country are manufactured in China. “It’s like 95 percent,” Chris Reitmeier of Gepetto’s Toy Box in New York City said.

Many toy shop owners we spoke to struggled to think of even one American toy company, and even American toy companies can rely on Chinese manufacturers for small parts. Often toy lines that are mostly made in America will include one or two toys manufactured abroad.

So how do you find home-grown toys?

Read the packaging for the manufacturing source. “It’s the only real way you can be sure,” said Melissa LaSalle of The Red Balloon toy store in Chicago.

Do your homework. Look online for toys made in the USA. The Made in the USA search engine will direct you to all sorts of homegrown products.

Check out our list of home grown toys. But keep in mind that you should check the packaging of any toy before giving it to your child to make sure that all of the parts were made in the USA.

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