Items to Hold Off On

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Items to Hold Off On

Checklist of gear you can wait to buy until your baby is older
4 Months Old: Childproofing

Gates (hardware-mounted at the top of the stairs; pressure-mounted is okay at bottom)

Lower-cabinet and -drawer locks

Window blind cord wraps

Furniture straps or brackets (to keep bookcases, TV stand, etc. from toppling onto climbing toddlers)

Doorknob covers (for any off-limits areas)

Window guards (if your windows don’t lock securely)

Outlet plate covers (safer than the plugs)

Power strip covers

Railing netting or plastic guards (if you have open railings)

Toilet seat lock(s)

Stove knob covers and oven lock

Corner and edge bumpers for coffee tables and raised fireplace hearths

Tub sprout cover

Solid-food feeding

Reclining high chair

6 long-handled spoons

3-4 plastic or melamine bowls

4-5 spill-proof cups

Disposable bibs, or 6 big, wipe-clean ones

2-3 toddler spoons

2-3 teethers

6 months old

Activity center (such as ExerSaucer)

Umbrella stroller

10 months old

Booster seat for the dinner table

12 months old

Convertible car seat (but only if your child has outgrown her infant car seat. Read those instructions to be sure.)

Baby Layette Checklist