Unique Nursery Decorating Ideas by Color

by Parenting Editors

Unique Nursery Decorating Ideas by Color
There is no doubt that colors influence our moods. Also, the hues and shades we choose are a reflection of our personality and our aspirations, says Irene Simon, Head of Design and Product at Evolur.  Of course, when we start to design our baby’s nursery, we want to be cognizant of everything we put into it including fabrics, prints, characters, and of course color.

Below Simon explains the significance of popular nursery design colors and shares inspiration for using that color in your baby’s nursery.

Gray: Promotes emotions, thoughtfulness, and the ability of introspection.


evolur santa fe collection gray and pink
One of the most popular nursery colors for the past year or so, gray is sophisticated, modern, and gender-neutral. Paired with pink, it makes for a feminine yet classy nursery for a baby. Match it with whites and blues too for a gender-neutral or smart baby boy nursery.

White: Promotes clarity, peace, and innocence.


evolur belmar nursey collection


Colors can have an immense impact on your and your child’s mood. With the color white, there’s a lot to experiment with. Mix it with soothing colors like grey, green, and yellow to create a bright-looking room or mix it up with blue, red, and pink for an experimental look.

Blue: Blue tones are said to stimulate clarity, pureness, and increased intuition.

evolur belmar blue and white nursery


Paired with white, it evokes memories of the surf and the sand. A traditional choice for a boy nursery, it’s been receiving a contemporary makeover with pairings of gray, stark whites and even, browns.


Pink: The color pink promotes happiness and calmness.


evolur aurora collection

Often mistaken as a “girl’s” color, the color pink can do wonders in a nursery even if it is used minimally. Pink pairs up great with blue, purple, violet, and other shades from the blue palette to create a vibrant looking nursery.

Yellow: It increases concentration and promotes emotive thoughts. 


evolur aurora collection yellowc


Yellow pairs up well with shades of green, orange, and blue. Adding different shades of green can actually give a tropical rainforest-like look in any nursery.