Parents On The Go Will Love The RockIt Portable Baby Rocker

by Hilary Braaksma

Parents On The Go Will Love The RockIt Portable Baby Rocker

Does your little one erupt into tears the second the stroller stops rolling? RockIt Portable Baby Rocker is here to solve your on-the-go parenting woes with an innovative portable rocking device. RockIt transforms any stroller into a soothing space where babies feel calm and comforted, even when the wheels aren’t turning.


The RockIt Portable Baby Rocker works by attaching to your stroller and turns on with the push of a button. Caregivers can choose one of the adjustable speed settings to create a soothing vibration that keeps babies relaxed in their stroller. Babies will love the gentle, soothing motion and parents will enjoy having a moment to stop for coffee, unpack groceries or wait in lines. The RockIt design is compact and portable and has up to 60 hours of battery life to make travel and daily errands easier than ever.


The quiet motor and water-resistant design make this soothing baby gear easy and practical to use wherever you go. RockIt makes an awesome gift for parents-to-be, and it’s a great treat to buy for yourself—who doesn’t want a few extra hands-free moments?