Shopping Guide: 9 Gifts for Babies and Moms

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Shopping Guide: 9 Gifts for Babies and Moms

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Tee Time

What’s your sign, baby? Rich Soil Baby’s zodiac-inspired shirts let your tot express his developing personality (or two, if he’s a Gemini) in style. ($28;

Eat and Run

Relying on restaurant high chairs or holding your baby on your lap at Grandma’s isn’t always an ideal solution. Evenflo’s BabyGo travel chair is perfectly portable — it folds flat and is super-light. ($50,

Sleepin’ Safari

This snuggly giraffe works overtime to help your baby get some zzz’s. Choose from four nature melodies and set the timer to lull your little one to sleep. ($27;

Chew On This

Your baby is going to chomp on her books anyway, so why not give her one with teething corners? Books Are for Reading, by Suzy Becker, is good to the last bite. ($9; Buy it on

Rockin’ Bouncer

No tinny lullabies here! The Fisher-Price DwellStudio Bouncer has a docking station for your iPod and a hip look you won’t mind displaying in your living room. ($65;

Chime In

These cute softball-size farm friends ring softly when your baby
tosses, rolls, or shakes them.
($13 each;

Wipe Out

An easy way to spruce up your diaper-changing area: Cover a generic tub of wipes with a Baby Wipe Huggers and — voila! — an instant style update. ($8; tissue

Twinkle Toes

Your little princess could probably care less what’s on her feet, so put a smile on your face with these fanciful metallic-gold Zoe shoes. ($32;

25 lucky readers
will each win a pair of these shoes! Enter now!

Go Fish

Your baby will be too busy trying to scoop up these colorful floating Water Bugs to mind your washing behind his ears. ($8;

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