Toys for Under $15

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Toys for Under $15

Twist and Shout

Busy Basics Poppin’ Pals lets your baby flip, twist, and turn to make things happen. ($9.99;

High-Chair Helper

Stick & Explore Coral Cove will buy you time while your little gourmand waits to chow down. ($12.99;

Captivating Cubes

Carousel soft Animal Blocks rattle and squeak. (Set of six, $14.99;

Sweet Pea

Irresistibly squishy, Snuggle Pods Pea is a precious pal. ($11.95;

Whoa, Nelly!

The animals in Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book really move. ($10.15;

Sticky Fingers

Just what it sounds like, babies can’t put the Skwish down. ($14.99;

Go Ape

His textured feet and nubby ears will make Peek-Squeak Monkey your teething baby’s best friend. ($13.50;

Object of Desire

It’s like a mini-Ferris wheel! The Illumination Station lives up to its name, lighting up your baby’s day with four textures, toys, and sounds. ($7.95;

Fine Feathered Friend

Jacques the Peacock will prance into your baby’s heart. His tail is covered with mirrors, satin, corduroy, and crinkles when touched. ($9.99;

Music on the Move

Think of it as his first MP3. Your baby can toggle through seven songs on his Take Along Tunes. ($7.99;