The Best Infant Car Seat Covers For Your Little One

by Hilary Braaksma

The Best Infant Car Seat Covers For Your Little One
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For safety reasons, bulky winter coats are generally a no-no underneath car seat straps—Consumer Reports says that puffy winter coats can create a loose fit and reduce the effectiveness of safety straps in the event of a crash. To keep babies safe and warm, you can choose from tons of awesome bunting, blanket and cover options designed to provide baby with a snug car seat strap fit while keeping them cozy. Here are some of the best infant car seat covers.



Why You Need an Infant Car Seat Cover

If you live in a climate with cold weather, you will need to keep your little one warm while transporting them in their infant carrier or car seat. Experts warn against strapping babies into car seats with coats on, so it’s important to use a safe alternative. Car seat covers allow your little one to be strapped in safely and securely while providing a layer of warmth. For cooler climates or summer months, breathable car seat covers can protect your little on from the sun, insect bites, windy weather and too-friendly passersby.


How to Choose an Infant Car Seat Cover

There are so many varieties and brands of infant car seat covers out there, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t worry—it’s easy to figure out which car seat cover meets your needs the best. Some of the things you want to consider before buying include:


      • Safety

Choose a car seat cover that allows your baby to be safely strapped into their seat. Straps should be tight to your baby’s shoulders with no objects obstructing the straps or creating a gap.


      • Weather

Choose an infant car seat cover that is designed for the type of weather you will be in. Warm, fleece-lined and insulated car seat covers should be used only in cool weather to avoid overheating. Likewise, cool, breathable car seat covers should be used in warm weather to prevent your little one from getting too cold.


      • Other Uses

Many infant car seat covers also work as nursing covers, high chair covers, shopping car covers and more. If you’re planning to get a multi-use cover, make sure it’s designed to accommodate your other wants and needs.


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#1 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

7 A.M. Enfant Quilted Nido Car Seat Blanket


The Quilted Nido from 7 A.M. Enfant is a great alternative to bulky coats for little ones during winter weather. The fleece-lined car seat blanket has openings for a five-point harness and has a cozy three-direction wrap design that keeps baby snuggly warm while you’re out and about.

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#2 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover


This Skip Hop car seat cover has a universal fit that slips over any infant car seat to create a cozy barrier between baby and the chilly weather. The elastic bottom provides a snug fit on any car seat, and the plush collar flips open and snaps down to give baby a view of the world around them.

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#3 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole Original Bundle Me


The JJ Cole Original Bundle Me is a great alternative to blankets or coats for your little one’s car seat. The removable back panel allows baby’s back to rest directly on the car seat and the plush faux shearling material is machine washable for easy care.

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#4 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

CREMSON Newborn Snowsuit Bunting


This bunting bag for babies keeps them snuggly warm to and from the car, and has built-in openings to accommodate a five-point harness seat belt in your baby’s car seat. This car seat coat is designed for baby girls and boys, has flip-over mittens on the sleeves and has a plush lining and warm filling to keep your little one super cozy.

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#5 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

MoMika Classic Swaddling Blanket with Universal Car Seat Fit


This cozy cotton swaddling blanket is designed with openings to fit your stroller or car seat’s five point harness seat belt system. The blanket then folds like a traditional swaddling blanket to keep little ones cozy on chilly days out of the house.

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#6 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Travel Blanket


This cozy car seat travel blanket is made of plush minky material with a pretty patterned lining to keep your baby warm during the winter. You can choose to add filling to the blanket and have the baby’s name or initials embroidered for a beautiful customized baby bunting.

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#7 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole Urban BundleMe Bunting for Car Seats and Strollers


The JJ Cole Urban BundleMe bunting has a super soft Thermaplush interior to keep babies warm during even the coldest of cold spells. The top is removable to make temperature control easy, and it’s designed to allow safety straps of a car seat to rest directly on your baby’s shoulders.

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#8 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Cozy Cover Premium Infant Car Seat Cover


The Cozy Cover Premium infant car seat cover is designed to stretch easily over an infant car seat with a snug fit to keep babies cozy in cold weather. The weather-resistant outer shell protects your little one from the elements, and the dual zipper design allows quick access to your baby.

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#9 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

7 A.M. Enfant GlacierPod Water Resistant Car Seat and Stroller Bunting


This sleek and stylish water-resistant car seat and stroller bunting has tons of insulation to keep baby warm while you carry or stroll them outside during the winter months—this cover is weather rated to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s great for families who live in especially cold climates. Choose from different size options meant to accommodate little ones from newborn to 3 years.

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#10 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Janabebe Bunting Universal Footmuff


If you’re looking for a great cover for a convertible car seat, this bunting bag fits the bill. This padded cover liner and footmuff for baby is designed to fit most major brands of car seats and has a removable top cover so the cloth cover can still be used in the warmer months.

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#11 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Multi-Use Cover


This pretty patterned infant car seat cover from Itzy Ritzy is made from rayon and spandex, so it slips easily over your baby’s seat to shield them from the sun and wind. This machine-washable 4-in-1 cover can also be used as a scarf, nursing cover and shopping cart cover.

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#12 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Britax B-Warm Insulated Infant Car Seat Cover


This cozy car seat cover for babies is designed to be used with Britax car seats, but will fit most major brands. The cover allows you to have your baby fully, half or one-fourth covered to keep him or her cozy in any setting.

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#13 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Milk Snob Multifunctional Car Seat Cover


Milk Snob’s breathable, fitted car seat cover for babies also functions as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover and more. The stretchy material fits easily around any infant carrier and has plenty of fabric to cover nursing moms.

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#14 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Cover


This car seat cover from baby brand Maxi-Cosi slips over most brands of infant carriers and snaps into place. The cover provides protection from the sun, weather and insects. The cover is made of soft, breathable fabric and has a front-flap window that allows easy access and a great view.

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#15 Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Bebe au Lait Car Seat Cover


Bebe au Lait’s infant car seat cover is designed to give your little one light, breathable coverage during warm weather. Protect tiny faces from the sun and elements with this soft, easy-on patterned seat cover, made of 100 percent open-weave cotton muslin.