These Face Shields for Kids Are Reusable, Durable, and Actually Cute

by Bethany Braun-Silva

These Face Shields for Kids Are Reusable, Durable, and Actually Cute
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Parents have been stocking up on face masks for their kids since the Centers for Disease Control recommended everyone over the age of 2 wear one when outside. We’ve seen retailers like Old Navy, Cuboats, and Disney step up to the plate to start creating adorable face masks for kids, but as parents, we know just how challenging it can be to get kids to wear them. That’s why some parents are turning to face shields as an alternative to face masks as they can be a bit more comfortable for kids to wear. 


Face shields are a good option for kids because they cover the entire face and make it harder for young people to touch or scratch their nose, mouth, and eyes. Also, if your child wears glasses, a face shield will eliminate the annoying fogging from masks and make it a bit easier to breathe. Plus, just like face masks, face shields come in adorable designs that kids will love. 


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Parents might also opt for a face shield because they’re really easy to clean and can be wiped down after each use without being thrown into the washing machine. While shields are not meant to be a complete substitute for cloth face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19, they’re a helpful addition to your preventative measures—especially if you’re having a particularly tough time getting your child to stop touching his or her face while in public.


To use them properly, the CDC recommends, “If face shields are used without a mask, they should wrap around the sides of the wearer’s face and extend to below the chin.” It also recommends disposable face shields be worn only once and reusable face shields be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Please note that while face shields don’t come in direct contact with the face, the CDC does not recommend infants or newborns wear one. 


Below, we’ve rounded 10 face shields for kids to help them stay healthy and safe.


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Unicorn Flowers Gold Glitter Stars Personalized Face Shield


This sparkly face shield comes with a magical unicorn print and an option to personalize it with your child's name. It has an adjustable elastic band.

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Kids Protective Hat With Removable Full Face Shield


This face shield comes with a bucket hat and keeps kids safe from germs as well as rain and wind. The shield is attached to the hat with velcro and can be removed.

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Reusable Face Shield for Kids


Young kids can choose from ladybugs, sharks, dogs and more. The mask has an adjustable strap and a padded forehead bar.

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Kids Face Shield with Stickers


Kids will love decorating this face shield with the removable decals. Each color band comes with coordinating decals like unicorns, sports, and more.

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Cute Football Basketball Baseball Soccer Sports Face Shield


Your all-star athlete can flex their skills while wearing this sports-themed face shied.

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DUO Kids Face Shield


These lightweight face shields are comfortable for kids to wear every day. They have foam forehead padding, and adjustable strap and bend to cover their entire face.

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Kids Sun Hat with Removable Full Shield


This face shield comes with a baseball cap or bucket hat attached. The shield can be removed and the hat is made with UPF 50 + to protect kids from the sun.

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Kids Anti-Sunburn, UV-Proof Hat


The clear face shield on this hat can easily fold up when not in use. It snaps on to each side of the hat and provides kids with a comfortable and safe fit.

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Kids Protective Spider-Man Hat With Clear Face


Spidey to the rescue! If your kid needs a little coaxing from their favorite superhero, these cool hat/face shield should do the trick.

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Kids Bucket Hat, UV-Proof with Clear Detachable Film


This so-cute hat with a removable face shield comes in white, pink, black and yellow and wraps past kids' ears to block them from airborne germs.