Products to Make Periods Less Intimidating for Tweens and Teens

by Hilary Braaksma

Products to Make Periods Less Intimidating for Tweens and Teens
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Most girls will get their periods between the ages of 10 and 15, and though it can be hard to predict, there are some general signs she’s getting close. If your teen or tween has been showing other signs of puberty like breast development, body hair or discharge, it could mean it’s time to get prepared.


How can you prepare? Talking about puberty and periods with your tween or teen girl is the first step, but stocking her up with great products to tackle her first menstrual cycle is another great tactic. From pre-packaged “first period” kits to cramp relief and period-proof clothing, these are some of the best period products to buy for your teen or tween.


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Ruby Love First Period Kit


Make her first period feel a little more special and a little less stressful with this awesome First Period Kit from Ruby Love. The kit includes must-haves like period-proof underwear, pads, and feminine wipes, plus fun, trendy pieces like hair ties, a journal, lip balm and more.

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Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs for Menstrual Pain Relief


This three-pack of bath bombs is specially designed to help minimize the pain that comes with periods and encourage a little rest and relaxation. These fragrance-free bath bombs are pH balanced to support vaginal health, and made of safe ingredients like rosewater and aloe vera.

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Thinx (BTWN) Fresh Start Period Panties Kit


Revolutionary period panty brand Thinx has released a line of super-absorbent period-safe underwear for teens. This three-pack of period panties is designed to comfortably fit teens and tweens, made from 100 percent organic cotton and can hold up to 3 tsp. Put her mind at ease by taking embarrassing leaks and stains out of the realm of possibility.

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Intimina Lily Cup


Most tweens and teens are familiar with traditional period hygiene products like pads and tampons, but a menstrual cup is another option. The Intimina Lily Cup can be rolled as thin as a tampon for easy insertion and comes in a smaller size perfect for petite teens and first-time users. This menstrual cup can handle heavy to light flows, is made of medical grade silicone and can offer period protection for up to 12 hours, unlike tampons, which teens and tweens need to remember to change frequently to avoid life-threatening conditions like toxic shock syndrome.

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HelloFlo: the Guide, Period: The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl


Knowledge is power! For teen and tween girls navigating puberty and periods, the more they know, the better they feel. This empowering book for girls covers periods, emotional development and other aspects of puberty. Author Naama Bloom writes in a way that’s easy for young girls to relate to and takes away the embarrassment some girls associate with their changing bodies.

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Feminine Hygiene Product Storage Bag


Give your girl somewhere to store all of her period products and encourage her to have a sense of humor at the same time. This cheeky “Shark Week” feminine hygiene storage bag from Etsy helps her stay organized and reminds her that while periods may feel like a major inconvenience, you don’t have to take them too seriously.

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Ruby Love Period Swimsuit


Ah, the age old questionable myth—can you swim on your period? Yes! This period swimsuit from Ruby Love is totally trendy and has a leak-proof design to avoid any embarrassing accidents. If her flow is especially heavy, this suit is also great for concealing pads and offering extra leak protection for tampons.

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CrampCareH Relief Heat Patch


Cramps are probably the least magical part of a girl’s mysterious changing body. Help her mitigate the pain of menstrual cramps with these convenient heat patches. The patches go on the lower abdomen and generate heat to help relieve the pain of cramps, and are thin enough to be worn under clothes discreetly.

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban Wearable Period Tracker


This elegant-looking wellness tracker does the work of traditional activity trackers, but it also helps track periods. This wearable tech is screen-free, water resistant and made of wood composite and hypoallergenic stainless steel. It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip and connects to an app that helps track and predict menstrual cycles.

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Thinx Training Shorts


Young girls’ active lifestyles don’t stop just because their period showed up. These training shorts from Thinx are leak-proof and can hold up to two tampons worth of liquid. Whether she has sports practice, is heading to the gym or just wants something comfy to lounge around in, these shorts are a must-have.

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Queen V Royal Pain Pain Reducing Essential Oil Spray


This blend of lavender and cardamom essential oils promises to help relieve menstrual cramps, headaches and other pains that come along with periods. Simply spray and massage the affected area with this safe, all-natural spray to get some much-needed relief.

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Goodwipes Flushable Down There Cleansing Wipes


Worrying about odor or mess can intimidate young girls who are new to handling their periods. Help her out by stocking up on these individually packaged “down there” cleansing wipes that are pH balanced, flushable and alcohol-free. Soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E will help her feel comfortable and clean.