Best Jogging Strollers for Every Type of Activity

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Best Jogging Strollers for Every Type of Activity
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For many new parents, getting fit becomes a goal not long after you welcome your precious baby. Perhaps you were sporty and active before becoming a mom or dad, and now you’re ready to head outside and get back into the game. That’s where a jogging stroller comes in. These strollers are perfect for parents who enjoy the outdoors and have three wheels and a suspension system that makes going over any bumps or rough terrain easier on you and your child, whether you’re going on a hike or running along the river. They also come with a lot of other fun features like extra ventilation, longer UV canopies and padded seats. There are a lot of jogging strollers out there on the market and all of them do different things, so choosing the best jogging stroller for your family will largely depend on the types of activities you are using it for.




Why You Need a Jogging Stroller

If you plan on going running, jogging or even just walking with your baby in a stroller, then a jogging stroller is a good idea. They are made to glide, which means less pushing for you and a smoother ride for your little one. But it’s important to remember that babies who are younger than 6 months old are safest traveling in an infant car seat, infant stroller or bassinet — you cannot run with a baby that young in a jogging stroller. That’s because babies simply aren’t strong enough to support their heads and necks at that age, even in an infant car seat. You can, however, enjoy a nice walk with your child in those first few months by placing baby in a car seat and attaching it to the jogging stroller as a travel system.


How to Choose a Jogging Stroller

You can expend a lot of energy researching the best jogging strollers, but don’t sweat it — we’re here to help you out. Some of the key features you’ll want to consider before buying include:


        • Safety

No matter what type of runner you are, from a beginner to a pro, the safety of our child is non-negotiable. If you’re going to be jogging over some pretty rough terrain, look for a stroller with a wrist strap. This will ensure that the stroller won’t separate from you while going up or down a hill. Also, a 5-point harness will do the best job of keeping your little one strapped in without the risk of sliding down the stroller.


        • Wheels

From bicycle wheels to foam to air-filled, jogging stroller wheels come in many different forms. Think about where you will be using your jogging stroller to help figure out which wheels are best. Also, the size of the wheels will play a huge part in deciding which jogging stroller is best for you. Larger wheels are great for rough terrain!


        • Seats

The deeper the seats, the better when it comes to choosing the best jogging strollers. This will ensure that your child won’t fly out if you go over a bump while jogging. Also, it’s best to look for a stroller with padded seats and perhaps a little extra ventilation for those long summer jogs.


        • Front-locking wheel

This is key when running or jogging with your stroller. A front-locking wheel means that the stroller won’t wobble or slip on those fast-paced runs. The front wheel can be unlocked when walking for added maneuverability, but when moving at a fast pace, less range of motion is ideal for you and your baby.


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Best Overall Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Stroller


This jogging stroller has large air-filled tires, which makes going over even the roughest terrain a breeze. The BOB Revolution SE Stroller also has an adjustable suspension system that you can change depending on whether you’re taking a trip to the grocery store to stock up on baby food or a hike up the trails to get some fresh air. It also has a foot-activated rear-wheel brake system, so Mom and Dad can feel safe using it. Kids will love the ultra-padded seats, while you will love the 5-point harness to keep them safely strapped in.

Stroller weighs 25 lbs.
Suitable for children up to 5 years old

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“If you're serious about running and you have reproduced, you need to bite the bullet and just get a Bob. My wife and I both use this and we run between 7:00 and 8:00 miles. It is steady at a 7:00 pace. No veering and the front wheel stays true and doesn't go nuts when I try to turn. I don't even have to lock the front wheel.”

“I actually use this for jogging 3-5 miles a day. It's my sanity and my child loves it. We usually stroll around naptime and as he goes to sleep I just lower the back to recline position and he snoozes while I burn some calories.”

“Absolutely LOVE this stroller! Pushes like a breeze! Turns like a gem! I live in Hawaii where there's lots of old road, bumpy sidewalks, grass, beach, & gravel. Floats over all of them with ease. Goes up and down curbs easily and glides over all of the different terrain we encounter on every walk. Goes up and down stairs easily as well.”

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Best Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double


If you’re a parent of twins or two children a few years apart, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is a great stroller to get everyone moving. It’s sturdy yet incredibly easy to fold. Both seats recline independently, and the UV canopies extend way out. Parents can lock the front wheel via the handlebar and take off for a run or leave it in swivel mode for a leisurely walk. The stroller also folds down to a compact size, making it easy to store when not in use.

Stroller weighs 37 lbs.
Can accommodate up to 100 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I LOVE this stroller. It rides smoothly. I really wanted a stroller that had a hand brake and this one did, major bonus when you have hills on your walks”

“This stroller is amazing! I bought it when my children were ages 3 and 4, so I needed something sturdy, but maneuverable. Kids fit in comfortably, the ride is very smooth and this stroller can turn on a dime! It practically drives itself! The tires are similar to mountain bike tires, so we can go out on the gravel and dirt trails easily.”

“Love this stroller, I can maneuver it with one hand with a 33lb 3 year old and a 16lbs. 9 month old. I have used it on roads and trails and it handles well on both.”

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Best Jogging Stroller to Grow with Your Family

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger


This stroller is not only great for jogging but also works as a travel system, too. It fits all Graco Click Connect car seats in a snap, so you can start walking with your baby right away, then transition to running or jogging once they’re older. It also features a one-handed fold and is able to stand on its own when closed. The parents tray on this stroller is also unique in that it has a smartphone cradle to clip your phone into — no need to worry about misplacing it — plus two deep cup holders, making everything you need easily within your reach. The safety strap also converts from a 5-point harness to a 3-point harness, meaning that kids do not need to feel too restrained when parents aren’t jogging.

Stroller weighs 35 lbs.
Can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It's a heavy, duty strolling-machine. There are storage areas with tie downs and compartments to help you better secure your belongings, it's easy to fold up, and the sun shade is superior to every other stroller I've owned.”

“The tires do provide for a very comfy ride for our child. We love the Fastaction closing mechanism, and the stand that keeps the stroller from falling over when it is folded up. The Click Connect feature was perfect for connecting our Graco Click Connect infant car seat to the stroller. It is a comfortable height for me (6'4") and my wife (5'7").”

“I absolutely LOVE this stroller!! It is very sturdy and well made. It is comfortable for our daughter. She had no problem riding around a festival for hrs. The basket underneath is a great size. The canopy is larger than others I've seen, so it blocks out the sun really well. It glides smoothly over rough terrain.”

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Best Jogging Stroller for Beginners

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger


If you’re brand new to jogging or just prefer casual runs over marathons or sprints, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a great choice for you. It is very wallet friendly and has everything you’ll need for a brisk walk or jog with baby. The front wheel can be locked for jogging and unlocked for extra maneuvering, and it also has two cup holders and a covered storage compartment in the parent tray. Unlike some other jogging strollers, it has a snack tray for kids, which is great for eating on the go. The handlebar is also adjustable, and you can even plug an MP3 player into the built-in speaker, making this one very fun stroller. Snacks and sounds? Yes, please!

Stroller weighs 26 lbs.
Can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is a GREAT stroller for the price!! I have a bob also which is better for running but this stroller does everything else my bob does and it’s a lot lighter! Very easy to transport and fold! For someone who just wants a great stroller to walk around with and occasionally run its perfect!”

“I wanted a lightweight running stroller that didn't break the bank and this Baby Trend Stroller hit the nail in the head. It was super easy to put together. All I had to do was click the back wheels on and click on the two trays. The instructions give directions on how to install the front wheel, but when I received the stroller, it was already installed. That meant that I didn't need one tool to put the rest of the parts on.”

“LOVE LOVE this stroller! Exactly the type of stroller I was looking for. Has a lock and swivel front wheel. Very comfortable walking or running with my 20 month old. It is not as compact as a small travel umbrella, but it fits perfect in the back of my SUV with plenty of room to spare! I love the real wheels and look forward to the miles I put on them!”

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Best Jogging Stroller for Pro Runners

Thule Urban Glide


This stroller is lightweight but packs a mean punch when it comes to jogging capabilities — some parents have even taken it along when they ran marathons! It’s extremely lightweight, and the Thule Urban Glides’ 16-inch rear wheels allow for easy maneuvering. The twist break on the handlebar allows parents an extra level of control on hilly terrain, and it has a wrist strap for added safety. It also has a one-handed fold and collapses down to a compact size. Parents will love the large storage basket, which has a zippered cover so there’s no need to worry about anything flying out (where did baby’s bottle go?). The peekaboo window on the canopy has a magnetic closure, so you won’t have to fuss with it while you’re on your jog.

Stroller weighs 25 lbs.
Can accommodate a child up to 75 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is an amazing running stroller. I have been doing triathlons for a little over 5 years and my wife and I just had our first child. The only way to maintain 15 hrs a week of running, biking, and swimming is to take the little guy with me sometimes. This stroller delivers everything. It is easy to put together (5 mins max), intuitive to collapse and stow, very small and lightweight, and has the option of both locking the front wheel or allowing it to swivel.”

“The stroller handles marvelously! I live in NYC and I can maneuver around busy streets seamlessly. I prefer this stroller to both my standard and umbrella stroller. If if wasn't so large I'd take it everywhere.”

“I bought this stroller to run with but like it so much I have started to use it for everything. I personally like the harness, it fits on my son well. The pouch under the seat is perfect, it fits coats/hoodies if you get warm, food/snacks, or just about anything you may need when on a run”

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Best Multi-Purpose Jogging Stroller

J is for Jeep Brand Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger Stroller


This stroller works just as well for jogging as it does for everyday use, which is enough reason to love it — but it gets better! It fits several models of car seats and works great as a travel system. It also has large, 16” tires and is very durable. Its sleek design means it works just as well for running errands and trips to the park as it does for jogging. The parent organizer on the J is for Jeep Brand Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger Stroller is fully detachable and acts like a bag all on its own, so you can take it with you when you leave your stroller parked. Kids will love the snack tray, and parents will love that it swings, which is so convenient for getting kids in and out of the stroller.

Stroller weighs 26 lbs.
Can accommodate a child up to 45 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I LOVE this stroller!! I just started jogging again and this stroller makes it so easy to take my daughter with me! She also really enjoys riding in it! It pushes easily and is such a smooth ride! I would highly recommend this stroller!”

“I'm obsessed with the Jeep® Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger. The ride is smooth, the stroller is versatile and it's super comfy for my son. I love the adjustable handle and the storage bag. I really like the hard plastic footrest, it doesn't get as dirty as regular joggers. I really like that this stroller can be used a jogging stroller with front lock wheel or a regular everyday stroller with the wheel swiveling.”

“My son and I are in love with this stroller. It is so lightweight, provides such a smooth ride and I’m obsessed with the fact that I can adjust the handlebar almost 180 degrees. You really need a jogger like this if you’re going on runs. A regular stroller doesn’t provide enough versatility.”