2008 Toy Preview: Toys That Make You Move

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2008 Toy Preview: Toys That Make You Move

The newest, coolest play things — all showcased at the 2008 Toy Fair.

Tiny Love Crawl Along Leo
Tiny Love’s Crawl Along Leo knows that when your baby begins to crawl, it’s in a circular motion — so that’s how he crawls, too, with the help of a curved mid-section. This little lion rolls forward at a slow enough pace that it can keep pace with your little crawler. As your little one develops and learns to move in a straight line, Leo’s accordion-like tummy can be flattened out so that he’ll follow your baby’s forward motion.

Chicco Baby Space
The Chicco Baby Space makes a great entertainment center with its funny swaying walks, lights, sounds, and giggles. Even tiny hands can handle the remote control — a single, large button activates the toy. Want to get your baby to crawl? Grab the remote and encourage your baby to chase the robot on all fours.

Wild Planet Hyper Jump
The Wild Planet Hyper Jump gets kids up on their feet and using their brains. It calls out commands instructing players to jump on different pods as quickly as they can, keeping score with lively music. (Think “Simon” using your entire body instead of just your hands.) Kids can play solo or with a friend. Try it the next time you’ve got a kid who’s bouncing off the walls.

Hasbro U-Dance
With U-Dance, a wireless game system, your child uses her body as a game controller, attaching motion sensing tags to her feet. When she dances, she’ll be able to see her moves mirrored on the screen as footprint icons appear, challenging her to move in specific ways. U-Dance can sense any type of move your kid can come up with — jumping, sliding, cross-overs, and more — all to popular dance music.It’s tough to keep up! The pace and difficulty level increases as your time goes on.

Step2 All Star Sports Climber
You might not have your own personal home gym, but your toddler can. The Step2 All Star Sports Climber is a rock wall, basketball hoop, football toss and kicking goal all in one. (If you’re not a soccer mom already, get ready! This toy is great for young athletes.)

Ohio Art Athletic Baby
The Ohio Art Athletic Baby line has specially designed equipment and DVDs that introduce sports to babies as young as three months. The small, plush soccer balls, basketballs, and golf clubs are softer and more flexible than other children’s sports equipment we’ve seen, and the accompanying DVDs help explain sports in the simplest way.