Jamaroos App Puts “F” in “Fun”

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Jamaroos App Puts “F” in “Fun”

Tots will love learning their ABCs with music-playing animals

Kids who are learning their letters will certainly appreciate the help of adorable, music-playing animals to decipher their p's from their q's. The Jamaroos Musical ABCs app is a fun-filled, educational adventure that uses lively animation and colorful graphics to help each letter of the alphabet come to life.

Tap on any letter, and an animal that starts with that letter pops up and plays a musical instrument that also starts with the same letter. For example, touch the "S," and kids are merrily greeted by "Sis the Snake," who is playing the sitar. Additional "S" words are present under the stage, like "snail" and "snowflake." They are sounded out and written on the screen so kids are repeatedly presented the letter they are learning.

With 26 letters to choose from, plus multiple extra word choices for each letter, kids can pick up a wide array of new vocabulary terms as they begin to master the alphabet. The app also promotes motor skill development as kids can tap on letters, move words around and stack pictures for added entertainment.

The app comes without any in-app purchases or advertisements (as all kids' apps should!) and is a very engaging way for kids to learn their ABCs. Jamaroos goes way beyond "A for apple" and "B for bear" and gives kids the opportunity to grasp the alphabet and a lot of extra cool words in a completely captivating way. Sitar, anyone?

Jamaroos Musical ABCs
Works on: iOSAndroid and Kindle devices
Age range: 3 to 5 years
Cost: $2.99