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Adult ADHD: Treatment

There is no "cure" for ADHD, but your doctor will suggest a number of treatment strategies that can help control your symptoms and make it easier to lead a normal, happy, successful life. Common treatment strategies include a combination of medication and behavioral therapy.

Counseling, ADHD coaching or psychotherapy can help adults deal with ADHD, most often in combination with medication. Some forms of counseling, often called coaching or behavioral therapy, teach new methods of organization and dealing with ADHD behaviors like impulse buying and bursts of anger. Counseling can also help those with ADHD deal with the fallout of the condition, and poor self esteem caused by failed jobs and relationships. Couples or family counseling is especially helpful because often adult ADHD has as much impact on spouses and children as it does on the individual with the condition. If a parent with ADHD also has a child or children with the condition, parent training can help with strategies to better structure the home environment and family schedule for both parent and child.