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Birth Control: Choosing the Right Method

Here are some questions to consider when choosing which type of birth control is right for you:

-Do you want more kids or is your family complete? If you want more kids, when?

-Are you or your partner open to permanent methods of birth control?

-What has been your experience with other methods, both positive and negative?

-What type of contraception fits into your lifestyle as a mom - will you remember to take a pill daily?

-Will you be able to use a barrier method correctly?

-Do you want to think about birth control right before sex or use a method that doesn't interrupt the moment?

-Do you want to put hormones into your body?

-How often do you have sex?

-Are you nearing perimenopause or menopause?

-What does your insurance cover?

-Do you have any health concerns such as high blood pressure, diabetes with complications, or migraines with auras that might narrow your choice?

-Are you a smoker?

-Did you need fertility therapies to get pregnant previously?