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Childhood Obesity: At the Doctor

The doctor will ask about any family history of overweight/obesity or obesity-related issues like diabetes (for instance, if a grandparent had an early heart attack or if you yourself have high cholesterol). The doctor will review your child’s growth records and BMI charts to identify any troubling trends. You should bring a list of medications your child is taking since certain drugs can contribute to weight gain, like steroids for asthma, or psychiatric medications.

It’s also a good idea to bring a weeklong diet record. For one week, jot down your child’s meals, snacks, and physical activity. A written log often opens a parent’s eyes to troubling habits like too much TV or excessive soda consumption.

The doctor may perform certain physical examinations, such as taking your child’s blood pressure or, if your child’s BMI is over the 95th percentile, drawing blood to test blood sugars, blood lipids, liver functioning and thyroid functioning.