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Cold & Flu: Mom's Experience

Since there's no cure or surefire medication you can give to your kid, you'll probably have to wait until your child's flu or cold passes. It won't be pleasant having a sick, contagious kid cooped up in the house, but to help her feel more comfortable:

  • Try alternative treatments. Feed her chicken soup, sit in a steaming bathroom to loosen mucus, or give a lukewarm bath to a feverish child. These aren't cures, but they can alleviate some of the discomfort.
  • Keep the house clean. Disinfect areas like the bathroom and kitchen frequently, and wash your child's bedding and replace her toothbrush. Don't give germs a chance to settle in and multiply!
  • Heap on the TLC. You've been laid up in bed with a cold or flu, so you know how miserable it is -- and how good it felt when your mom gave you some extra special attention. Read a favorite book or watch a movie with your sick kid, play a card game, or fix her a snack or some soup. (Just make sure to wash your hands, too!)