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Colic: At the Doctor

The pediatrician will likely try to rule out a case of GERD, and, if it appears that a change in formula is necessary, can be helpful in recommending a new brand. You may also want to bring up the possibility of medication or complementary or alternative treatments

It’s a good idea to bring as much information as you can to your baby’s appointments with the pediatrician. This can include your colic diary with detailed information as to colic triggers, descriptions of your baby’s crying jags and even videos of them. Your doctor will want to know his feeding schedule, whether he spits up (and how frequently), and his bowel movement patterns. 

If you live near or can get to Providence, RI, you might make an appointment at the renowned Infant Behavior, Cry and Sleep Clinic, commonly known as the Colic Clinic, founded by leading colic expert Barry Lester, Ph.D. Part of Brown University’s Alpert Medical School and Women and Infants Hospital, the Colic Clinic boasts a dream team of experts who work with families to both ease colic symptoms as well as provide support for exhausted parents, often at the end of their rope.