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Ear Infections: Moms' Experiences

“As soon as I see my son poke at his ear, I take him to the doctor and sure enough he has an ear infection. His first ear infection was really bad. He would yell out of nowhere and had a fever. Since I spot his ear infections early now, they aren't as bad.”

-1st-time-mommy on the message boards

“We decided to get tubes for my son at 15 months, and it turned out to be the best decision for us. He had six ear infections from birth to 15 months, and none from 15 months to 3 years. The surgery is kind of scary as your child has to go under general anesthesia, but our nurses, ENT, and anesthesiologist were great. They explained exactly what would happen, more than once. They let us be with my son right up until they took him to the operating room, and as soon as he started to wake up they brought him back to us.”

–CLS on the message boards