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Fever: Prevention

Since most fevers are due to infection, the best way to prevent fever-related illnesses is by reducing exposure to unwanted germs:

• Be vigilant about handwashing in your home and encourage other caregivers and teachers to do the same. (Hand sanitizers are fine on the go, but good old soap and warm water are best when available.)

• Disinfect germ magnets frequently with household sprays or wipes, including phones, remote controls, microwave doors, refrigerator handles, doorknobs, and—while you're out—shopping cart handles, menus, and doctor’s office toys. 

• Try to teach your children not to touch their noses, mouths, or eyes—this is the main way viral infections are transmitted from the hands into the body. Also encourage them to cough or sneeze into the inner crease of their elbow instead of the hands (which then get covered with germs).

• Do your best to prevent them from drinking out of each other’s sippy cups, or using the same utensils, whenever possible.