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Sore Throat: Mom's Experience

“A sore throat is always the first sign to creep up; if things get worse, fever and chills are never far behind with my kids.” – Jen, mom to Beau, age 5

“When they start pushing their favorite food around their plate, and says it hurts to swallow or they’re not hungry, I know it’s a sore throat.” -- Sarah, mom to Vivian, age 3

“I always get nervous and immediately think the sore throat is strep. But once I take them to the doctor, I’m usually told that it’s not bacterial, but viral, and is a case of tonsillitis.” -- Marnie, mom to Carson, age 4

"I can always recognize a case of strep throat. A good fever usually spikes out of nowhere -- usually after they get home from school -- and they suddenly collapse on the sofa. I'll say, 'does your throat hurt a lot?' and if I get a yes, I head straight to the pediatrician." -- Stephanie, mom to Charlie, 8, Anthony, 13, and Matilda 15