10 Cute Easter Crafts to Make with a Paper Plate

by admin

10 Cute Easter Crafts to Make with a Paper Plate

They're not just for casual noshing anymore: Paper plates form the basis of tons of great Easter crafts. Plus, they're budget friendly—and you likely already have a stack at home!

All Ears

Cut a paper plate into a fun and attention-grabbing three-dimensional bunny ear hat!

Cute Chick

Add googly eyes, feathers, and construction paper feet to yellow dessert plates to make a chick craft project.

Bunny Business

Two paper plates and pink paint combine to make a cheerful bunny face that doubles as a fun mask for photo ops with the Easter Bunny!

Basket Case

Cut a paper plate, paint it brown, and you have the makings of a 3-D Easter basket craft that's plenty easy for kids to customize.

Nesting Mode

Paste a felt bird on a paper plate, and use any objects on hand to create a charming decorative nest under it.

Fly High

Easily make colorful bird crafts, complete with moving wings, thanks to paper fasteners.

Love Ewe

Paste cotton balls on paper plates to make seriously the cutest kids' sheep masks imaginable.

Sweet Treats

If you're baking Easter treats to share with loved ones, create a beautiful presentation for your gifts with these easy paper-plate treat baskets.

Flower Power

Nothing says springtime like daffodils. Make ever-lasting versions of the pretty blooms using paper plates, cardboard rolls, and paint.

Eggs in One Basket

Gather up Easter eggs in style with this paper plate basket topped with a pipe cleaner handle.