10 Fun Alternatives to Fireworks

by Abby Rodriguez

10 Fun Alternatives to Fireworks
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Do you feel like sparklers and firecrackers are holiday hazards with little ones around? Keep your kids entertained and safe this Fourth of July by celebrating with these fun alternatives to fireworks.


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Get This Party Poppin'


Make your own firework fun and get a little crafty with a few of these rocket confetti poppers from Sugar and Cloth.

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Bubbles Bursting in Air


Take your bubbles to a whole new level and make some glow in the dark ones to light up the sky on the Fourth of July!

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Baby, You're A Firework


This is craft from I Can Teach My Child is fun to do with children of all ages. Mix and match different colors of dye and watch the "fireworks" explode in a jar!

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Plop, Splat, Kaboom!


Who says explosions only belong to fireworks? Science Sparks shares a fun and safe alternative for the younger kids who still want in on the action. Simply fill up some water balloons with red, white and blue paint, and splatter the balloons on a tarp or safe surface.

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Foaming Fireworks


Fun at Home with Kids shows us that exploding foam is a wonderful replacement for noisy firecrackers. Mix in some patriotic colors and let the kids make their own version of foaming fireworks!

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Light Up the Sky


Fill up some inflated balloons with LED lights and launch them off into the night sky for a dazzling display of color.

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The Twilight's Last Gleaming


Along Abbey Road has found a way to put those old mason jars to good use for your holiday night. Simply splatter some glow in the dark paint in the jar, let it dry for a few hours and light it up with a battery-powered light. Little kids will love carrying around their own firework lanterns.

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Fancy Sparklers


The firework sparklers kids love can be a bit nerve-racking for parents, so these craft sparklers from My Little 3 and Me are a brilliant substitute for the real deal! (And they last longer, too!)

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Grab a Glow Stick


Glow sticks are the easiest way to swap out the ol' explosives. Fill up a bucket with a bundle of glow sticks and make a cute sign to go along with it.

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Firecracker Goop


These fireworks are good enough to eat! This goop doubles as a science experiment and a festive activity. That's a win-win for everyone!