10 Precious Father’s Day Gift Ideas from a New Baby

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10 Precious Father’s Day Gift Ideas from a New Baby
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A guy’s first Father’s Day is special because, well, he’s officially a dad! So why not commemorate this milestone with a gift from baby that he’ll never forget?


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Clever Catch


The Best Catch Fishing Lure Birth Announcement Key Ring is the ideal gift for any daddy who plans to teach his tot how to fish one day. Made by C and T Custom Lures for $34, this metal key ring is custom made to feature baby's birth weight and height details. It's adorned with a colored bucktail—pink for a baby girl, blue for a baby boy, or in any color of your choosing. This gift is a catch of a lifetime.

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Super Sweetness


Transform baby's handprint and footprint into an adorable gift. Glued to My Crafts shows you how to create a "You Are My Superhero" canvas keepsake any new daddy will treasure forever. The best part? You don't have to possess artistic superpowers to pull this one off (we promise!).

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Mini Must-Haves


For a new or soon-to-be dad, create this budget-friendly "New Daddy Toolbox" from Life with Team Carroll. Simply fill a toolbox or tackle box with all the items daddy will need to take care of baby. Some suggestions: diapers, diaper rash cream, bibs, wipes, pacifiers and toys. A few humorous touches, like goggles for messy diaper changes and Visine for red eyes after late nights, complete the gift.

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Campy Cuteness


If your baby has the "Best Pop," Glued to My Crafts offers another clever idea for incorporating baby's handprint into a Father's Day keepsake. This easy-to-pull-off gift is sure to make the special dad in your baby's life feel simply effervescent!

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Key Kit


Dad will never forget where he put his keys again when they are attached to this adorable keepsake keychain. This fishing hook keychain with a “#1 Dad” charm will remind dad of what a catch he is. Unlock the perfect Father's Day for your baby's father with this special gift.

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Precious Pics


The Unoriginal Mom shares a precious idea for a Father's Day photo gift. Using wood letters, you have the perfect props for a professional-looking shoot of your little sweetie. The finished pics would look perfect in a vertical or horizontal triple frame at daddy's office or beside his bed.

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Dear Dad Onesie


A onesie even the most overwhelmed new dad can't mess up with built-in fashion advice. This cute and funny gift for dad makes it easy for him to figure out what to pair this onesie with to complete new baby’s outfit and make sure everyone looks presentable for leaving the house. At just $20, this adorable onesie leaves enough cash left over to add the black pants to his Father’s Day gift too!

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Dad Definition


Fatherhood means different things to every dad. But SnaptureThis has created a "Dad Definition" printable that captures the humor of being a father. This wall art is super-easy to download and print out. Tip: Frame it before giving it to him on Father’s Day and let him choose where he wants to display the print, whether at home or at the office.

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Free Fabulousness


Keep it simple, and free, with Catch My Party's Father's Day Printable. This is another sweet way to preserve baby's tiny handprints along with a special message for dad on his big day. Use the print as a card for daddy or frame it.

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Memorable Father's Day Photoshoot


Pequeocio showcases four more ideas for arranging a memorable Father's Day photo of baby. These clever setups are perfect if your little one has older siblings who also want to tell daddy how much he means to them on his big day.