10 Valentine’s Day Treats Kids Can Actually Make

by admin

10 Valentine’s Day Treats Kids Can Actually Make

Covering the kitchen counters with sprinkles and sugar while preparing Valentine’s Day goodies is a sweet way to make lasting memories with your children.

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

Are you looking for a cookie with the perfect crunch, and a smooth, soft center made of icing? Then this chocolate, heart-shaped, cookie sandwich recipe is an ideal treat to bake with your little ones on Valentine’s Day.

Pinkalicious Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without the perfect sugar cookie, and this recipe is it. The kids will enjoy forming and rolling out the dough into little balls and piling on globs of pink frosting—but eating the thick and chewy cookies will be even sweeter!

A Lovely Conversation

The best way to express your burning love for someone is through conversation hearts! But it’s even better when they’re mixed in with white chocolate covered popcorn. Young ones will love popping and mixing this yummy Valentine’s Day treat, as well as passing love notes.

Did You Meringue?

These pink meringue drops are sweet and fluffy. With only a handful of ingredients, they’re simple enough for children to whip up on their own.

Buttercream Dream

Which way is the buttercream frosting sandwich, you ask? This way! Use leftover frosting from cupcakes and other baked goods to make these effortless cookies.

I Heart You

Rice Krispie treats are practically a staple food group for most kids and a great dessert to make for first-time bakers. These chocolate dipped heart treats with sprinkles will be loved by all.

Cut from the Heart

Keep everyone’s heart healthy by opting for a heart-shaped fruit salad. It’s a festive, wholesome treat without all the extra refined sugars.

Twist and Dip

The combination of sweet and savory can’t be beat, and these chocolate-covered pretzels will satiate any craving. Also, kids will love dipping the pretzels and dumping sprinkles on top.

Pop the Question

Not only are these marshmallow pops adorable and delicious, but they make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends, classmates, and loved ones. Put the little youngsters in charge of assembling the sticks and dipping the mallows into the velvety chocolate, and have fun!

Sprinkled with Love

Are you on the hunt for a no-bake Valentine’s Day sweet the kids can make on their own? Try these dipped wafer cookies. Quick, hardly any clean-up, and sprinkled with love are always a winning combination.