10 Ways to Supercharge Your Easter Egg Hunt

by admin

10 Ways to Supercharge Your Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for a way to make your Easter egg hunt more exciting this year? Here are 10 fresh ideas to ramp up your egg hunt.

Get them movin'

Get those extra wiggles out with a fitness treasure hunt! Write easy and fun exercises on pieces of paper with clues to where to find the next egg. Place the eggs in their specific places to lead to their Easter baskets or special surprises.

Lighten Up

Change things up and have an egg hunt at night! These glowing eggs are made by simply placing flexible glow sticks into plastic eggs. Add in some small candies, and you're all set for a bright night of egg hunting.

Leave them guessing

Leave the clue to where the Easter baskets are hidden or write a special note on a puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in the eggs and hide them. Kids will love the thrill of putting together a puzzle alongside their candy, especially if it includes a special note from the Easter Bunny.

Cool it down

Kids and adults will love snacking on these egg-shaped ice pops during an egg hunt. To make them, push in the hole at the bottom of your plastic egg with a push pin and then make another tiny hole on the side for air circulation. Enlarge the hold by twisting a kebab skewer in it so it can hold an ice pop stick. After you create all of the plastic egg ice pop molds, place them in an egg carton. Using a small funnel or piping tip, pour in the juice of your choice until the egg is almost full. Insert colorful printed straws in the holes for handles and place them in the freezer overnight. These egg ice pops are the perfect treat for cooling down after running around searching for eggs.

Give it a lift

The balloon pop game is always a hit and is the perfect activity for an energetic egg hunt. First, let the kids decorate two balloons like Easter eggs with paint and markers. Next, tie one balloon to each ankle and let them run free trying to pop all the balloons while keeping theirs intact. The last person with balloons wins.

Color coordinate

Color coordinating your eggs makes the Easter egg hunt fair for everyone, especially if smaller children are involved. Have a wonderful time painting baskets to match the eggs beforehand, and see who can gather their eggs the fastest when the big day comes.

Sprinkle in some fun

Your Easter egg hunt will definitely hold more excitement if it includes confetti eggs. These confetti eggs take a bit of time to prepare (with the help of an adult) and may be a little messy, but they're worth it! To make, create a small, button-sized hole in the bottom of the shell. Stick in a kebab skewer to mix the yolk around, so it easily releases from the shell. Carefully wash out the hollowed egg with soapy water and allow it to dry. At this point, you can dye the eggs or keep them in their original color. After they're decorated, fill the eggs with confetti. Finish by gluing a 3/4 inch square of tissue paper over the hole. After they're completely dry, let the kids loose to crack and throw their confetti eggs around for a small explosion of color.

Add a little pop

Put a little twist on the usual Easter egg hunt with an egg popper tree. With a few simple supplies and a tree in your yard, you can provide a unique way for the kids to gather their candy. They'll be talking about for weeks!

Let them slide

What kid doesn't love an excuse to avoid doing chores? Lucky for them, these coupons could be their ticket to freedom! Fill plastic eggs with coupons that list things your kids will love doing (and not doing)! There's a good possibility these might be the most popular items in their Easter loot!

Add a little high tech

Do you have older kids who are less than interested in a traditional egg hunt? Well, this smartphone hunt is for them! Simply print out the QR codes, stuff them in plastic eggs and let your older kids do the detective work to solve the clues with a smartphone.