10 Whimsical Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with a Sharpie

by admin

10 Whimsical Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with a Sharpie

If decorating Easter eggs conjures images of big kitchen messes and disappointing results—this one's for you. It turns out, it's simple as pie to decorate eggs with Sharpie pens—and the result is Pinterest-worthy pretty! Here are 10 great approaches to try.

Pretty Pastels

Choose Sharpie pens in pretty pastel hues, just right for the season, and see how they transform a child's doodles into a proper work of art!

Elegant Outline

Place any shape of sticker on your Easter egg, and then make little dots around it with a Sharpie or two. Remove the stickers for a chic silhouetted look.

Hip Patterns

Repeating patterns, such as gems and triangles, give these simple eggs a clean, modern look.

Get Artistic

The original artist of these eggs used acrylic paint to achieve what can more easily—and less messily— be done with a Sharpie. If Roy Lichtenstein isn't your favorite artist, try yours, like Andy Warhol perhaps?

Eye-Catching Monogram

Use colorful Sharpies to decorate eggs with your family's monogram—or make a personalized one for each member of the brood!

Here, Kitty

Just a few swipes of a Sharpie give these eggs the recognizable look of the favorite Sanrio character Hello Kitty!

Sophisticated Doodles

Make these fancy doodled eggs on plastic or the real deal. But here's the bonus perk of plastic: You can swap the sides for a cool new look! Plus, they won't break during your supercharged Easter egg hunt.

Quick Fixer-Upper

If your dyeing project didn't go as planned, use Sharpie doodles right on top to pull the craft together and save the day!

Inspirational Messages

A gold marker is all you need to whip up a batch of these Easter eggs with charming inspirational messages—use any words that inspire you!

Humpty Dumpty

Draw Humpty Dumpty faces with marker on your Easter eggs, and give him any creative personality you like, from smug to silly!