25 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Kids Under $25

by Hilary Braaksma

25 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Kids Under $25
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You don’t have the break the bank finding cool toys your kids will love. From impressive recreations of classic toys to new toys and kids’ brands you’ve never heard of, these are some of the most sought-after Christmas gifts for kids this year—and they’re all under 25 dollars!


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Novie Interactive Smart Robot


This interactive robot toy can follow commands and learn fun tricks kids will love. Novie can be controlled by hand gestures, do up to 75 tricks or commands and can even interact with other Novie robots.

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Vendees are surprise dispenser toys designed to look like the vending machine of your little one’s dreams. Inside kids will find surprise toys like nail art sets, lip balm making kits, paintable figurines or DIY bath bomb sets.

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Baby Shark Bath Art Creations


Keep your kiddo entertained in the bath with this Baby Shark Bath Art Creations toy set. The set includes washable bath paints, bath stickers, bath crayons and more.

Twisty Petz Unicorn Family Pack

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Twisty Petz Unicorn Family Pack


Twisty Petz are fun tiny toys that transform into pretty play bracelets and rings. This unicorn family set includes two full-size Twisty Petz, four babies and a decorative charm.

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Scientific Explorer Disgusting Biology


For kids who love to explore all things gross and gag-worthy, this Scientific Explorer Disgusting Body kit will be a hit. Kids will get answers to their most disgusting body questions, plus get the materials to do some revolting science experiments of their own.

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GoldieBlox DIY Light Up Unicorn Pillow


Learning, crafting and decorating all in one? This GoldieBlox DIY light-up pillow is pretty sweet. Kids will get to construct and decorate this unicorn pillow, all while learning about the science behind eco-friendly LED lights.

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WowWee Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets 4-Pack Takeout Box


This adorable pack of surprise bracelets are hidden in toy fortune cookies and come in fun takeout box packaging. Little girls will love the adorable lucky charm bracelets and included accessories.

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Gifeez Spinning GIF Art Studio


Kids can color and customize their very own GIFs with this cool spinning art toy. This toy set comes with everything kids need to draw and design their own animation that moves when the toy spins.

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Blume Dolls


Adorable Blume dolls grow inside their packaging by adding just a little water. Kids won’t know which doll they’ve gotten until they’ve grown and unpackaged their surprise. Each doll comes with fun accessories like stickers and mini figurines.

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Untamed Dragon


Remember the Fingerling craze? Untamed Dragon is from the same toy company, but these little dragons the more ferocious version. These mini dragons react to sound and touch with growls and roars or happy purrs.

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Ninja Turtle Cozy Phones


Make car rides or quiet time a little more fun with this cozy plush headphones designed to fit comfortably. Choose from a variety of designs including Baby Shark, PAW Patrol and Ninja Turtle characters.

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LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus on the Loose


This 168-piece LEGO set features awesome Jurassic World pieces and accessories, including three mini character figurines, a dinosaur figurine, a market stall and more.

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Secret Life of Pets 2 Movin’ & Chat Max


This interactive Max plush toy and Busy Bee accessory will give your kid lots of laughs and tons of entertainment. Push Max’s ears to activate him, and watch him sit and ask for his beloved toy bee.

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The DoodleBear is back! Let kids scribble and scrawl all over this sweet stuffed animal—then toss in the wash when they’re done. This stuffed toy comes with three washable markers for doodling.

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WWE Battle Game Set John Cena vs AJ Styles


Get ready to brawl with these battling WWE figurines. Kids can simply snap the two hand-held controllers together to engage in push-button fighting action.

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Playmobil Spirit Riding Arena with Lucky and Javier


This Playmobil set brings the action of Spirit to life with Javier and Lucky figurines and tons of other awesome play accessories, like water buckets, grooming tools, saddles and more.

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Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat


Which house does your little Harry Potter fan belong to? This realistic-looking—and sounding—talking Hogwarts Sorting Hat will help decide their fate.

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Don’t Step In It! Unicorn Edition


This silly—and slightly gross—game will have kids laughing non-stop. Place piles of soft colorful slime, meant to look like unicorn poop, on the included floor mat and watch blindfolded players try not to step in it.

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Roblox Jailbreak SWAT Unit


Kids will get in on some serious SWAT team action with this fun Roblox figurine playset. With the SWAT vehicle and included figurines they can patrol the streets and put bad guys away.

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Kindi Kids Snack Friends Doll


Kindi Kids dolls come with colorful outfits and “Snack Time” accessories that make the dolls respond with eating, biting or scooping actions. Choose from four different doll designs and fun food accessories.

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Shopkins Real Littles Lil Shopper Pack


Shopkins has teamed up with real life brands to create adorable mini figurine. Choose from a range of adorable mini products packs with items like Pop Tarts, Reddi Whip, Pringles and more. Each package comes with eight Real Minis and eight Shopkins figurines.

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Crayola Imagination Inspiration Art Case


This cool, crafty Crayola set will inspire hours of creative play. This high-quality folding and latching art case comes packed with 140 Crayola art supplies like crayons, markers, colored pencils and coloring sheets.

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Avengers Marvel Endgame Electronic Fist


This wearable electronic Avengers Marvel Endgame toy fist has tons of features to keep kids entertained. Each button elicits light and sound effects that make kids feel ready to take on protecting the universe.

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The Slow-Motion Race Game


If your kids never slow down, this game is a great gift that will have the whole family laughing. Players race to beat each other—but slowly! The headbands detect when players are running too fast and penalize them with a time out.

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Go Glam Nail Stamper


This DIY nail art toy stamps cool patterns onto any size of nail. Kids can create custom manicure and pedicure looks with this cool stamper and included accessories.