5 Ways to Make His Halloween Costume Safer

by Patty Onderko

5 Ways to Make His Halloween Costume Safer

Safety-proof your child's costume with these tips

Whether your little goblin is sporting a store-bought suit or—God bless 'ya—a homespun one, safety-proof his costume using these tips:

Stick to nontoxic face paint instead of face masks, which can obstruct his breathing or view.

Opt for flame-resistant fabrics like nylon or polyester. Cotton costumes may be more flammable.

Remove long ties and tails that could present a strangulation risk or trip up your baby. Also check for loose buttons or beads-they pose a choking hazard.

Limit his time bundled in a bunting-style suit so he doesn't get overheated (and don't let him sleep in it).

Add reflective tape (found in craft and sewing stores) to the material if you're trick-or-treating after dark.


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