9 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas Kids Can Help You Make

by Editors

9 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas Kids Can Help You Make

Your little elves can learn the lesson that giving is more fun than receiving by using these nine DIY gift wrap ideas for kids that are almost as fun to make as unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning…almost.


Groovy Gift Wrap


Get groovy with your little gal or guy and design some way-out tie-dye wrapping paper. You’ll need tissue paper, rubber bands and food coloring, and before you can say, “outta sight,” your project is ready to wow!


Santa Paws


Turn your holiday honey’s handprint into darling Santa wrapping paper. What kid wouldn’t love this jovial undertaking? And who wouldn’t adore receiving a gift wrapped with such merry TLC?


In Great Shape


Cookie cutters do double duty this holiday season when they turn into stamps for custom gift wrap. You’ll need tempera paint, a roll of craft paper, and cookie cutters in shapes like a Christmas tree, star, and Santa. Then it’s time to create! Cookies optional.


Rudolph the Red Nosed Gift Bag


Then one foggy Christmas Eve…you and your crafty cutie repurposed a brown paper lunch bag into an adorable reindeer gift bag! Complete with a red nose and antlers, this presentation is so merry, who cares what’s inside!


You Say Potato, I Say Wrapping Paper


Potato stamps cut to resemble holiday ornaments are the perfect decoration for homemade gift wrap. This craft is so fun, you’ll have a hard time ever convincing your kiddo you have enough paper. Really, enough!


Get Rolling


If we told you a lint roller could help you and your children create easy and unique holiday wrapping paper, would you believe us? Well those who believe, receive…this great idea! You’ll also need craft foam, ink, and a few other supplies, and you’re well on your way to wowing everyone this season.


If You Build It


If you’re feeling really ambitious this year, try making a gift box out of Legos. Yes, seriously. This project is sure to delight the block buffs in your house, and as an added bonus, it will make use of your impossible-to-contain Lego collection!


The Ultimate Upcycle


Using empty cereal boxes, you and your eco-conscious cutie can make one-of-a-kind gift bags for your favorite crunchy friend or relative. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to buy and eat more cereal!


Do You Want to Build a Snowman…Bag?


Make a super sweet snowman gift bag in minutes with this crafty idea. Frosty would be proud. And if you’d like to put a snowman in your snowman bag, check out these “9 Adorable Snowman Treats for Kids.”