Awkward Family Photos: Holiday Edition

by Alina Soler

Awkward Family Photos: Holiday Edition

Look through these funny Christmas images for a little holiday inspiration. Cheesy Christmas cards, pint-size Scrooges and ugly sweaters galore! Nothing gets us in a festive holiday spirit like these embarrassing, funny Christmas pictures from

Help! I’m being kidnapped by elves!

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Santa’s nightmare before Christmas.

Oh honey, you sleigh me.

All wearing matching Christmas jammies? Poor taste. Appearing semi-nude in the Christmas photo? Not a problem.

We saw Mommy doing more than kissing Santa Claus.

We’re guessing they might be on PETA’s naughty list this year.

Have a Merry Christmas! Or else…

“What you do MEAN you see me when I’m sleeping?”

“Is it a little frosty in here?”

Meet Mr. Grinch Jr.

Well, don’t they look dashing in the snow!

Wow, that’s a lot of look.

Surely, they could’ve squeezed in a few more.

Son: I asked Santa for a new family. Maybe next year…
Daughter: Here comes the child bride!

Thank goodness they had enough of this fabric at the store.

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