Belly-Painted Babes

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Belly-Painted Babes

October Pregnancy channel – Belly-Painted Babes

Say Cheese
Karen Meagher, 29, San Marcos, CA

Karen sat still for nearly two hours while her husband, an engineer, painted a mouth and crafted sunglasses out of cardboard for her bump.

Special Delivery
Amy Mullins, 34, Elkton, MD

Amy's belly painting shows a baby cute and chubby with big blue eyes. And she painted just in time; baby Rachel arrived 10 days after the photo was taken.

Egg-cellent Surprise
Megan Redmond, 19, Houma, LA

Megan's mother came up with the idea of the Easter egg she painted on her daughter's belly the day before Easter. Two days later, the egg hatched: Connor was born, a healthy, 9.96-pound Easter treat!

Home Run
Jennifer Ranieri Crandall, 28, Franklin, MA

Longtime Red Sox fans Jennifer and her husband, Kyle, decided to honor their beloved team for the first game of the 2004 World Series. Jennifer proudly showed off her painted belly throughout the night and a few weeks later, a brand-new Red Sox fan was born.

Keep Swimming
Cynthia Parache-Brito, 32, East Elmhurst, NY

Cynthia's adorable fishbowl belly has our hearts swimming in joy.