The Best Tech Toys to Buy Your Kids This Holiday Season

by Samantha McIntyre

The Best Tech Toys to Buy Your Kids This Holiday Season
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Mom and Dad, are you looking for ways to break through your child’s boredom blues before they even begin to complain? Well, check out these interactive and exciting smart toys designed to keep both boys and girls highly entertained. We’ve rounded up the coolest electronics and hottest tech toys this holiday season guaranteed to engage, teach and excite your kiddo for hours on end! 



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Mattel Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit


Get ready to rev your engines for exciting, heart-pounding action with this awesome Mattel Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit. Race to the finish with this high-speed performance track, which takes traditional toy race tracks into the digital age with a set that records car speeds, laps, and stunts on a smartphone app. Kids can also race a virtual version of their cars on the app. The Smart Track comes with 14 pieces that can be configured into over 50 layout designs. Your kiddo will definitely be fueled with excitement playing with this incredible racing set!

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Skyrocket Toys Pomsies Lumies


Talk about a magical unicorn! This colorful Skyrocket Toys Pomsies Lumies is a fun interactive toy designed to help little ones learn colors while engaging them with matching memory games and music. This cuddly, plush pal speaks with over 100 sounds and phrases and features soft fur and rainbow-colored hair and a comb. There are three Pomsie available—Dazzle Gogo, Pixie Pop and Sparkle Rush. Each one even turns colors to match your kiddo's outfit! No doubt, every unicorn lover on your list will love this bright toy!

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Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser, Laser-Guided Real Wall Climbing Race Car


This Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser-Guided Real Wall Climbing Remote Control Race Car isn't your typical remote controlled racer! This red hot race car drives on the ground and ceiling while following a laser beam control gun. The lightweight, colorful car follows the laser beam at impressive speeds all throughout the house for heart-pounding fun. The toy vehicle conveniently charges with a USB cable, so there's no need to stock up on batteries.

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Luvabella Interactive Newborn Baby


Baby Alive has nothing over this Luvabella Interactive Newborn Baby Doll. This lifelike doll blinks her eyes and has sensors on her body that respond to touch. Luvabella gets fussy when she's hungry and makes realistic sucking sounds as she drinks her bottle and burps when she's finished. Rock her gently, and she'll fall fast asleep. Your kiddo can also feel her heartbeat while watching her belly move up and down to simulate her breathing. This sweet doll comes with a baby bottle and soother and is recommended for kids ages four and up.

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Blipblox Kids Synthesizer


Time to face the music! Your musical genius can take note and create amazing songs with this awesome Blipblox audio toy. There are hundreds of built-in melodies in this incredible mini synthesizer for your child prodigy to create unique tunes to jam to for hours. It also has a drum machine for dancing to a super cool beat. Your little music fan will love the lights, levers and sounds from this innovative, portable machine.

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Flycatcher smART Pixelator


Step aside, Lite-Brite! This super fun Flycatcher smART Pixelator is made for crafty kids with a passion for creating colorful beaded designs with an illuminated grid. This set is designed to build bright 2D and 3D creations with multiple activities to keep your kid endlessly entertained. It comes with step-by-step design directions and 1,300 Smart pixel beads to build an incredible pixelated project. Perfect for developing fine motor skills. Recommended for kids ages 7 and up.

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Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rise of Skywalker Electronic Droid


Take playtime fun to a whole new dimension with this Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rise of Skywalker Electronic Droid. There's no need to Travel to a galaxy far, far away while using the remote to make moves with this mono-wheel droid that features a bobbing head, rolls back and forth and side to side while making droid sounds for fun that is truly out of this world! Star Wars fans will flip for this space-aged toy!

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Hasbro Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game


You can bank on tons of family fun when playing this brand new Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game. This cash-free game features voice commands from a Mr. Monopoly banker top hat that activates electronic transactions to pay rent and buy properties. This set features faster gameplay with four translucent green game pieces designed to travel around the board while snapping up houses and hotels. Get set for a great time playing this newly launched version of the iconic board game. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up.

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Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy


What a hoot! This brand new interactive Owleez toy has just landed in stores and is already flying off the shelves. Kids can not only teach this super fun toy to fly but also make it sing and dance. This adorable pet responds to touch with over 100 sounds and movements and eats berries when she gets hungry. She shares her mood by changing eye colors and returns to her nest when it’s time to recharge. Kids will love helping Owleez to spread her little wings!

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Star Wars Interactive Battling System Lightsaber


Your Jedi Knight will be ready to swing into action with this Star Wars Interactive Battling System Lightsaber. Perfect your form and prepare for battle with this Bluetooth enabled lightsaber that trains and tracks movements via a smartphone app. Your kiddo can channel their inner Luke Skywalker while having a blast with this space-aged weapon.