Celebrate Father’s Day All Month!

by Deborah Skolnik

Celebrate Father’s Day All Month!

Four easy ways to show Dad how much you care

He's your family's main man, so why stop giving him props after Father's Day? Take this whole month to show him just how much you care.


Help your kids learn a few silly jokes to put a smile on Dad's face, like "Do fathers snore? Only when they're sleeping!" 


Only 24 percent of kids under 6 eat breakfast with their fathers every day; try to do so as often as possible in June. Serve some fun foods, such as pancakes shaped like Dad's initials. Little ones can help spoon out fruit salad on the side.


Kids will love Animal Dads, by Sneed B. collard III, an entertaining look at how the males of other species, from gorillas to birds, help their young grow up healthy and strong.


Teach your tots how to say "Dad" in other languages—they'll crack up to hear that it's Buwa in Nepali, Babbas in Greek, and Otosan in Japanese. For a real eye-opener, point out the countries on a map, too.