Celebrate Unique Holidays in April

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Celebrate Unique Holidays in April

Mix up the mundane with this month's special celebrations

Stuck in a routine of humdrum daily activities? Wouldn't it be nice to make a regular weeknight extraordinary for a change? Try mixing it up this month by celebrating some of April's unique holidays. Here are a few suggestions to get the party started:

Squeeze in Some Laughs
April is National Humor Month, and your family can share some laughs together by throwing Funny Movie Fridays. To add more fun, make colored popcorn to enjoy with your movies. Simply add food coloring to the oil you pop your corn in or the melted butter you pour over the top.

Keep the laughs going throughout the month by making a joke jar. Print out 30 jokes, cut them into strips, fold the strips, and toss them in a jar on your kitchen table. Before dinner each evening, read a joke and laugh together. If spring activities keep you busy in the evenings, tuck the joke strips in your child's lunch box or your partner's wallet.

If you feel like spreading the laughter outside your family, host a humorous playdate. Invite a family or two over for Stand Up Snacktime, where you can play funny games, have a joke contest, and enjoy an unusual snack before sending them on their way.

Rediscover the Library
The week of April 13-19 is National Library Week. It's a great reason to spend some extra time at the library together as a family. Explore areas besides the children's section by making a scavenger hunt for your kids to complete. Guide them as they check out materials, play a computer game, work on a puzzle, thank a librarian, or find a book about zebras.

Play with Your Food
April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, so use it as an excuse to make a quick dinner with a PB&J buffet. Set out a few different kinds of breads, nut butters, and jellies for everyone to experiment with. Celebrate favorite snacks with days set aside for caramel popcorn on April 7, pigs in a blanket on April 24, and pretzels on April 26. April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day, which you can use as an excuse to get rid of all the extra candy the Easter Bunny left. Glue jelly beans on construction paper in shapes or letters to work on skill reinforcement with your preschooler, or string jelly beans with a needle and thread to make necklaces and bracelets with your elementary school child.

Celebrate the Little Things
National High Five Day is April 17. Use it as an opportunity to give kiddos kudos for the little accomplishments that normally get overlooked, like brushing teeth, eating veggies, and doing chores. You can also low-five or side-five at school pick-ups, for completed homework — or just because.

Plan Ahead
Remember, you don't need to plan multiple activities for these fun holidays to help your family feel more connected. Pick a few that you think you can pull off and mark them on your calendar. Grab any supplies you might need ahead of time and have them already in your cabinets by the time the date rolls around. For a full list of unique holidays, check out Holiday Insights.

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