10 Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under $10

by Rachel Sokol

10 Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under $10
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The holidays are just around the corner! Naturally, Christmas and Hanukkah tend to be synonymous with gifts, especially if you’re a child, (along with life lessons about ‘giving back,’ of course!). Whether you need a “Secret Santa,” item for a youngster, are making a Toys for Tots donation, or just want to purchase something small and sweet for a beloved child as a stocking stuffer, now’s the perfect time to stock up on simpler gifts for the kids in your life — that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Check out our list of educational and fun presents that cost $10 or less.

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Pop Pop Pets

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Trust me when I say this: many kids are obsessed with slime. (Thank you, Nickelodeon.) It’s gooey, it’s squishy, it’s cool to the touch, and it’s oddly easy to clean. Combine slime with bubble wrap (pop, pop, pop!) and you get Pop Pops Pets. Just remove each circle of (slightly hard) slime from the packaging; give the slime circle a squeeze, and it will make a popping noise and either ooze out colorful slime or slime AND a collectible figurine such as a seal, pig, penguin, and so forth; one in every 3 slime balls has a character. There are over 120 toy designs and include rare, super rare and special editions. Recommended age: 5+

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Yo-Ya Toys Liquid Bubbler

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I know this is a list for kid, but as an adult, I’m a sucker for bubbler toys; I find them soothing. This gadget has descending bubbles that are pulled down in a row at a slow-motion pace. When the colorful bubbles reach the bottom of the liquid apparatus, just flip it over and start all over again--it’s like a mini lava lamp. At less than 5 oz, the bubbler is super lightweight and fits nicely in a stocking. It’s a practical, sensory toy that helps improve visual tracking; and recommended for kids with autism and/or hyperactivity to help them remain focused and calm. Recommended age: 5 months+.

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LEGO Minifigures

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I loved when my cereal box came with a little toy surprise inside. Wondering what design or style toy I’d get after fishing the prize out of the box was so exciting. That’s why I love these Minifigure pouches from LEGO--what’s inside the little pouch?! Which character did I get?! The anticipation is addicting! An Amazon Choice product, each little LEGO pouch contains a mystery LEGO figurine--you won’t know which one you’ve got until you tear open the little pouch. There are different series available, and Series 19, which debuted this fall, is compatible with all LEGO construction sets and contains figurines of a pizza costume guy, dog sitter, mountain biker, and more; each figurine comes with cute accessories. Recommended age: 5+

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Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Set

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Don’t forget stocking stuffers for babies. You can’t go wrong with a versatile, safe toy like this “taco” gift set, which has 3 sensory toys in one. Each individual part--which attaches to a smooth plastic “keyring”--provides tons of tactile fun. There’s a crinkle shell on the felt/plush taco, along with soft lettuce, tomato teethers, and ribbon-style “beans and cheese.” I love the attention to detail in this not-so-basic baby toy. The avocado is actually a rattle with a textured peel and the seed part has non-removable balls (don’t worry; it’s solid and won’t fall out of the toy.) Round out the set with lemon-lime clackers. Recommended age: 3+ months.

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Mattel Hot Wheels 5-Pack


Featured in this season’s Target toy catalog, when it comes to a classic toy that emotes nostalgia and provides endless fun, look no further than Hot Wheels. This reasonably-priced mini collection contains 5 cars ready for racing with the brand’s trademark car details and realistic-looking decals. Just note if you order online, you cannot pick the selection of cars you want; individual colors and car layout will vary. Recommended age: 3+.

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World’s Smallest UNO


The kid-friendly card game UNO is already easy to transport--so imagine my shock when I found an even smaller version of traditional UNO! This deck is too cute for words; like its classic predecessor, you match cards based on color and number and the game moves fast with one partner, or more. If you end up with a WILD card, gameplay shakes up a bit and YOU pick the next set of matching colors/numbers. Mini UNO is a nice option for Family Game Night; and the brand also sells mini Lite Brite, Lincoln Logs, and more. Recommended age: 6+.

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WowWee’s Baby Shark Squirt Toys

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The catchy song and dance Baby Shark continues to be all the range for kids; so jump on the craze by introducing your kiddo to Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, and William the fish, all in vibrant colors and well-made. Each toy squirts out water when squeezed (after you submerge it, of course) and reviewers liked that the soft characters are the perfect size for small hands to grip. BPA-free and manufactured on behalf of the actual company that launched Baby Shark; this is not a knock-off product. Recommended age: 12 months+.

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Playskool Sesame Street Figures

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This figurine collection--a collection pack--includes five 2.75” beloved Sesame Street characters: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Abby Cadabby, and Grover, all made of solid and sturdy plastic. Points out one online reviewer: “I actually bought a second set because we lost Grover and I don't know what would happen if we lost Elmo or Cookie Monster. I mean, holy crap, my little boy loves these things so much.” Bonus? One Amazon reviewer used these characters to adorn her child’s birthday cake. Genius! Note: The figurines do NOT float and can be carried by tiny hands, measuring 2 x 10 x 8 inches. Recommended age: 18 months+.

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Melissa & Doug Created By Me! Butterfly Magnets

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Nothing beats an alternative to screen time, and that’s when art kits come into play. This decorative magnet set from toy powerhouse Melissa & Doug includes pre assembled wooden magnets, paints, stickers, plastic gems, glitter glue, and a brush. It’s simple to decorate and a nice project for a snowy or rainy day. Stock on a few as party favors for your winter child’s birthday celebration. Some reviewers noted the paint doesn’t wash off clothes or surfaces quite easily, so spread newspaper or a mat down before painting begins. Recommended age: 4+.

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Pocketdoodles for Kids


This pocket-sized notepad, just 4x6”, created by illustrator Tom Bloom, piques a child's curiosity and creativity by encouraging them to finish the already-started doodles on each page. For example, one page has a dark swirly line on it--that’s it--and kids are encouraged to use that line to complete their own artistic creation. Do you turn that swirly line into a person’s curly hair? A flower stem? A seahorse? The possibilities are endless. There’s also encouraging words spreads spread throughout used to drawing guides that ask kids questions such as, “What’s your birthday wish?”which, in turn, the child will draw on the page. Author: Bill Zimmerman. Recommended age: 8+.