Baby Chick Costume

by Mika Tajima

Baby Chick Costume

A costume so cute (and easy) you'll shriek with delight


1. With a tape measure, measure baby's waist in inches. Double that number, then subtract 1 inch.

2. With scissors, cut a 3"-wide strip of cardboard to length calculated in step 1.

3. Measure length between child's crotch and mid-chest and add 2". From 1 yard white felt (available at fabric shops), cut rectangle to the above width and to length calculated in step 1.

4. With a hot-glue gun, glue ends of cardboard strip together to form a hoop.

5. Wrap felt around outside of hoop, leaving 2" sticking up on top, and glue. Cut top of felt into jagged edge.

6. Line hoop and felt inside with sheet batting (available at fabric shops) so felt maintains shape. Glue batting to cardboard and felt to hold in place.

7. Along bottom edge, fold over felt to make a 1"-wide dart and glue. Make four darts, equally spaced, to round out bottom of egg.

8. From 2 yards yellow ribbon, cut four 18" lengths; glue to hoop for ties.

9. Glue sheet batting to top of a white sun hat. From white felt, cut six candy-corn shapes (9" x 5" x 1") and glue over batting. Cut bottom into jagged edge. The neighbors will be cracking up!