Chicken Costume

by Ellen Goldberg; photo by Frank Heckers

Chicken Costume

A cute, cuddly costume, made with a sweatshirt (and no sewing!)

This costume starts with a sweatshirt two sizes bigger than your child's sizefound at a discount store for about $5 apiece. You'll also need a hot-glue gun and scissors.


1. Cut the sleeves off a white sweatshirt; fold in and glue raw edges.

2. Starting at bottom of sweatshirt, hot-glue a white feather boa to it, wrapping it around and up to the neck (you'll need one boa for a baby, two for toddlers on up.)

3. Hat: To make chicken's comb, stuff fingers of a pair of red rubber gloves with Poly-Fil or batting. Then use one cutoff sleeve for a hat: Fold over and glue raw top edge. Then glue the stuffed gloves, end to end, between the folded edges of the hat. Put hat on your child's head and cut the open end to desired length, leaving an extra inch to fold in and glue down.

4. Add leggings or tights, red or orange long-sleeve T-shirt, yellow gloves, and yellow rubber boots.