10 Luxury Gifts for Mom and Dad Guaranteed to Make You Their Favorite Child

by Kristen Sardis Barry

10 Luxury Gifts for Mom and Dad Guaranteed to Make You Their Favorite Child
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Good ‘ole St. Nick may not have trouble choosing the perfect Christmas gift (it is his job, after all) but sometimes finding the right gift for the people you love the most is downright challenging. So if you’re searching for gift ideas for Mom and Dad this holiday season, consider us your happy little elves. We’ve rounded up these 10 splurge-worthy gifts that may come close to showing your parents how much they mean to you…and will reserve your spot on the Nice List next year.


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Best Gift for Mom Who Loves Jewelry: Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Character Necklace

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Maya Brenner Necklace


Hey, if this necklace is good enough for a Duchess (Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing this necklace with her and Prince Harry’s initials), then it’s good enough for the queen in your life. One of the best gift ideas for Mom is this Maya Brenner Character Necklace from Baublebar. You can select up to 3 initials or characters to make this truly a unique piece of jewelry for your mother.

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Best Gift for Dad Who Loves Functionality and Style: Herschel Supply Co. Brittania Convertible Messenger Bag

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Herschel Messenger Bag


It’s not a purse, it’s a messenger bag! Typically, moms have all the fun when it comes to stylish purses and handbags, but this Britannia Messenger Bag from the Herschel Supply Company proves dads can tote their wares in style too. The convertible bag can be used as a shoulder bag, briefcase or backpack. Dad can store his laptop safely and securely in here as well.

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Best Gift for Mom and Dad Who Love Technology: Motiv Ring Fitness Ring

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Motiv Ring Fitness Ring


There are some parents who, bless their hearts, can’t send a text message no matter how hard they try. But then there are some folks who can slay with the newest technology. If your parental units fall into the latter category, check out this potential Christmas present for mom and dad. The Motiv Ring Fitness ring tracks heart rate, calories burned and sleep quality. It is durable, comfortable and waterproof.

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Best Gift for Mom and Dad Who Love Wine: One-Pull Wine Bottle Opener

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Wine Opener


If you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for Mom and Dad, look no further. This wall-mounted wine opener is made from pieces of a retired wine barrel. The assembly is easy and the necessary hardware is included, so they can enjoy a glass of vino almost immediately after opening their gift. Cheers!

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Best Gift for Mom and Dad Who Love Taking Pictures: Polaroid Instant Camera

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Polaroid Instant Camera


During the holidays, your parents suddenly turn into the paparazzi. “Look this way!” “No, face your brother!” “Show me how much you love your gifts!” You and your siblings are posing every which way to ensure your parents capture every moment perfectly. This Polaroid Instant Camera is not only a great Christmas gift for your parents but also for you as well. All your folks have to do is snap the picture and print the Polaroid, so the memory is literally in their hands moments after the picture is taken. This allows you to slip away unnoticed as they they place the photo in a frame.

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Best Gift for Mom and Dad Who Love to Keep Warm: Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Faux Fur Throw


Who doesn’t love a good plush? This faux fur, eco-friendly throw is perfect for those nights when your parents want to relax on the couch and watch their favorite holiday movies with a soothing cup of hot chocolate. This blanket comes in over 10 colors and three different sizes and makes the perfect Christmas gift for Mom and Dad.

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Best Gift for the Mom and Dad Who Love the Classics: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses


It’s time for your folks to show the world how trendy they really are. Grab a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers for those cool cats you call Mom and Dad, and they’ll thank you for it. The original sunnies were designed way back in 1952, so assure them that some things are timeless, just like they are.

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Best Gift for Mom Who Likes to Be Pampered: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryar


Chances are, your mom has heard of the company Dyson—hey, she may even clean the floors with one of the brand’s famous vacuum cleaners. So imagine her delight when she finds out the company that makes her house spick-and-span also makes a product that will make her look like she just stepped out of a salon! This high-tech hair dryer uses high-velocity airflow to allow for super quick drying, without damaging hair. It also measures the air temperature 20 times a second (do the math!) to keep the temperature under control. The results? Amazing.

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Best Gift for Dad Who Likes to Be Groomed: Handsome Man Grooming Can

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Handsome Man Grooming Can


While Mom is busy getting her hair done, your dad can also give himself a little manly makeover. This Handsome Man Grooming Can includes “bricks” of soap, lip balm, shaving cream, face wash and shampoo and conditioner. The gift set is perfect for your outdoorsy dad who needs to show his blistered lips some love or for your hard-working papa who wants to smell like bergamot and black pepper after stepping out of the shower. He doesn’t ask for much, right?

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Best Gift for the Mom and Dad Who Love Sweets: Fireside S'mores Gift Basket

Luxury Gifts Mom & Dad Harry & David S'mores Basket


If roasting chestnuts near an open fire isn’t quite your parents’ thing, then the next best Christmas gift idea for Mom and Dad is this delicious s’mores gift set. Not only does the basket include graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for the gooey sandwiches, but it also has an assortment of sausages and cheeses. They’ll be asking for s’more!