15 Subscription Boxes That Make Great Gifts for Moms

by Hilary Braaksma

15 Subscription Boxes That Make Great Gifts for Moms
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Finding the best gift for mom can feel like a serious chore. Thankfully, there is a whole market of curated, quality items pre-selected and carefully packed into fun, festive packages — subscription boxes! Whether you decide to sign up for a whole year, a few months or just one time, she’ll love opening pretty boxes filled with items tailored to her tastes and interests. From a maternity subscription box filled with clothes and skin-care products to a meal-prep kit that will make getting dinner on the table a breeze, check out our roundup of the best subscription boxes for moms.



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Oh Baby Pregnancy Subscription Box

For the Mom-to-Be: Oh Baby Box


The Oh Baby subscription box is packed with self-care and lifestyle products for expecting mamas. It comes with six to eight full-size items designed for pregnancy, from pregnancy-safe skin-care products to maternity clothing. The boxes are custom-tailored to her due date, so mom gets everything she needs along the way.

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Gift Box for Baby and Mom Bayside Baby

For the Mom of a Newborn: Bayside Baby


Bayside Baby is marketed as Babies’ First Box, but it comes with stuff just for mom, too. And let’s be honest, cool baby products can kind of feel like a treat for parents in those first months. This box comes with a range of eco-friendly, organic and natural full-size items, three for baby and two for mom. You can customize for gender or go neutral.

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Boobie Box Breastfeeding Subscription Box

For the Breastfeeding Mom: The Boobie Box


Breastfeeding comes with its own special set of struggles and celebrations, and the makers of The Boobie Box understand that. This subscription box comes filled with a selection of goodies like lactation bars, cookies and teas, skin care, nursing pads, onesies and more. The Boobie Box also caters to allergies like soy, gluten, dairy and egg.

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BundleBeeBox Gift for Moms of Toddlers

For the Toddler Mom: BundleBeeBox


BundleBeeBox is a seasonal subscription box that comes with fun picks for moms and their minis, including makeup, skin care, baby toys and health products. The kid items are customized for different ages, from newborns to toddlers.

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Stitch Fix Subscription Box for Clothing

For the Mom of Multiple Kids: Stitch Fix


Ever tried to tote two (or more!) small humans with you to shop exclusively for yourself? If so, you know it can be an absolute nightmare. For busy moms of multiple children, Stitch Fix is an awesome subscription box. A selection of clothes catered to their personal style and lifestyle (including maternity!) arrives for them to try on, with the option to purchase things they like and easily return what they don’t. The price of the box doubles as a credit to whatever they purchase. This is one box mom will have to know about ahead of time — Stitch Fix styling requires a quiz catered to sizes and preferences.

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Try The World Subscription Box

For the Adventurous Mom: Try The World


If the mom in your life is an adventurous eater, a lover of travel or some mixture of both, this subscription box will surprise and delight her. Each box comes with a selection of gourmet snacks and food from all over the globe — boxes can even be customized by specific country.

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Rocksbox Subscription Box

For the Glam Mom: Rocksbox


Rocksbox caters to mom’s personal style to deliver a selection of quality, on-trend jewelry she'll love. She fills out a personal style quiz, then Rocksbox sends three pieces of jewelry and the option to buy whatever she likes and return the rest without charge or hassle. The full price of the subscription box counts as a shopping credit.

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The Boxy Mama Subscription Box

For the Trendy Mom: The Boxy Mama


For the mom who loves staying up to date on the latest trends and trying new products, The Boxy Mama is an easy choice. This subscription box for moms comes with a range of items like stationery, home decor, books, bath and beauty products and more. Each box is packed with cute, cheeky and useful goodies catered to mom life.

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Mom Time Delivered Subscription Box

For the Superhero Mom: Mom Time Delivered


We all know one of those moms who can do it all — volunteer at school events, help coach soccer, kick butt at work — and make it seem simple. Let her know how much you appreciate what she does for you by helping her do something for herself! Mom Time Delivered is a subscription box designed for mamas who deserve a little TLC. Each box is filled with luxe self-care items and a gourmet snack.

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Mother Snacker Dessert Box Subscription Box

For the Mom with a Sweet Tooth: Mother Snacker Dessert Box


Everyone loves dessert, right? If you know a mom who deserves a special selection of gourmet desserts and cute motherhood accessories, buy her the Mother Snacker Dessert Box. Each box comes with a sweet selection of full-size items like cookies, brownies, chocolates, home decor, motivational prints, accessories and more.

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Flaviar Subscription Box

For the Mom Who Could Use a Cocktail: Flaviar


Flaviar calls itself the “speakeasy movement of the modern day” — and it's on a mission to deliver the finest spirits from around the world. Moms who love mixing up cocktails or sipping premium alcohol will enjoy this box of 1.5 oz bottles of iconic and craft selections guaranteed to be great quality.

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Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box

For the Mom Who Loves Beauty Products: Birchbox


Birchbox is considered one of the original subscription boxes, and it’s still one of our favorites. It’s an affordable subscription box packed with a mix of personalized sample-size items from a range of luxury, drugstore and small-batch beauty brands. Birchbox makes it super easy to send as a gift — the first box comes with classic customer favorites, and if you send more than one, your favorite mom has the option to go online and customize her settings.

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HelloFresh Meal Subscription Box

For the Busy Mom: HelloFresh


What’s harder than finding the perfect gift for mom? Uh, mom trying to decide the perfect dinner to make for her family. Save her the hassle with a gift from HelloFresh, a meal subscription box that comes with pre-portioned, fresh, healthy uncooked meals and simple-to-follow recipes. Send mom a bundle of three meals catered to classic, veggie or family food options, with servings for two or four.

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Laurel & Reed Skin Care Subscription Box

For the All-Natural Mom: Laurel & Reed


If you know a mom who lives for luxe skin care and appreciates all-natural ingredients, this beauty and lifestyle subscription box for women is a great gift. Boxes come wrapped for holidays and packed with four to six full-size luxury products with a minimum total retail value of $100 or more.

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Hustle Glow Subscription Box

For the Boss Mom: Sparkle Hustle Grow Box


She’s not bossy, she’s the boss. Whether she runs her own business, is crushing her side gig or climbing the corporate ladder, boss moms will love this subscription box geared toward stylish entrepreneurs. Each box comes with a mix of items like cute office supplies, glam stationery and fun tech accessories.