Best Scared of Santa Photos

by Desiree Browne

Best Scared of Santa Photos

We shouldn’t laugh, but who can resist pictures of a baby totally freaked out by the guy in the red suit? Thanks to our readers for submitting their funniest photos.


When you cry, Santa cries too.




Does Santa have B.O.?


Ho, ho, oh no!


Santa, you’re not helping with the sneak attack.


Man, we hope that beard’s not real.


Hawaiian Santa? Still totally terrifying.


Matching outfits—and matching tears.


She’s making a break for it, even with Dad there.


Definitely not feeling, uh, fraternal toward Santa.


It’s not such a happy holiday for these sad twins.


Abject terror has never been so adorable.


Santa wants out, too.


Mrs. Claus doesn’t look too happy with Santa!


Big brother looks like he’s picking out something special for Santa.


From scared to death to relaxed enough to nap.


Help! We’re separated by this tacky frame!


Scared of Santa—or protesting his seriously weak fake beard?


Baby has his own private winter waaahnderland.


Santa’s little yelper!


Dear Santa,
Next year, can we have sweaters that don’t match?


Santa, it’s not polite to point.


And now the twins performing “Carol of the Yells.”


Santa’s looking a little over this gig.


Set up a text from Santa instead to keep him out of sight.