The Best Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Kids

by Lauren Passell

The Best Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Kids
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For some kids, it’s all about those big boxes under the tree. But for others, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. There’s a certain extra special joy that comes with reaching into a Christmas stocking and discovering what other small treasures await. We found the best, cheap stocking stuffers for kids that make reliably awesome holiday gifts. Here are some Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids that won’t break the bank.

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Super Snow


When it comes to cheap stocking stuffers, this is "snow" joke! Give the gift of a white Christmas with magical snow that expands to more than 100 times its size and lasts for weeks by just adding water.

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Why not get crafty when choosing stocking stuffers for kids? Place a fern, a flower, a leaf or anything, really, on the SunPrint paper and set it in the sun. After you rinse the paper in water, a beautiful image will appear, just like film development. Think of all the prints your budding artist can make!

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Dr. Seuss's An Amazing Alphabet Book


Arguably the most important subject of all time (the ABCs) meets arguably the most important children's book author of all time (Seuss himself!) for a little board book your kid will enjoy reading cover to cover, over and over. The silly doctor's zany writing style makes the letters come to life, from Aunt Annie's Aligator to Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz and everything between. One of our favorite stocking stuffers for toddlers.

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Piggy Paint Nail Polish Sets


These festive and feminine hypo-allergenic polishes are non toxic, odorless and make the best stocking stuffers for any little diva.

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Cupcake Bandages


What's sweeter for a boo-boo than a kiss from mom? Maybe (just maybe) these little dessert-inspired bandages, which make for adorable-yet-functional stocking stuffers for kids. There, there — all better!

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Changeable Silly Putty


It's true — Silly Putty is still around and it's as entertaining as ever. This kind changes colors with the warmth of your hands, so the fun lasts even longer. We think it's one of the most classic and cheap stocking stuffers for kids.

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Madeline Paper Dolls


Paper dolls will never go out of style, and these cut-outs are perfect cheap stocking stuffers for fans of Madeline, our favorite little French troublemaker.

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LEGO Minifigures


There are so many awesome LEGO Minifigures, we want them all. And at this price, you can afford a few packs to use as stocking stuffers for boys and girls.

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Magic Milk Straws


Normally kids wouldn't go crazy over milk, but we bet these magic straws will get them sipping. They're filled with flavor pellets that turn a regular glass of milk into a fun treat. (One of the best stocking stuffers if Santa didn't finish his own glass of milk.)

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My Little Pony


Both pony-loving gals and "Bronies" will be thrilled by cheap stocking stuffers like My Little Pony. This petite equine figurine comes with a barrette and a brush for maximum mane and tail grooming.