10 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Baby

by admin

10 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Baby

Stylish, creative costume ideas for babies, straight from the crafty pros at Etsy by Sabrina James

Circus fun!
Bundle your babe in a furry bunny costume that's the perfect combo of cute and cuddly. Tom Arma Rabbit costume from
Magician Shazam! Create costume magic with this simple getup that goes with basics already in your son's wardrobe. Collapsible top hat from Shoes and bow tie from Shirt from Cape from

We all know he’s your knight in shining armor, and this costume gives him the credit he deserves. Jr. Knight costume from

Tightrope Walker
This whimsical, fun costume will stand out anywhere you take your stylish tot. Clown parasol from Bow headband and tights from Circo shoes from Dress from


Ruffles and tulle, oh my! Create a cotton candy-inspired costume with frilly separates paired with wings. Shirt from Skirt from Wings from Headband from

Mix and match fall essentials, add a beard and felt hat, and voila! Cutest garden gnome ever. Hat and beard, part of garden gnome set from Plaid shirt from Baby Star jeans from Mushroom shoes from Suspenders from

Enchanted Emsembles!

Use the Easter dress hanging in her closet to create a princess costume fit for royalty! Crown from Knit collar from Dress from

If Dumbo wasn’t enough to make you love baby elephants, those chubby cheeks will surely do the trick. Lil’ Elephant Elite costume from

Roar! Let your king of the jungle show off his mane with a sweet lion costume. Lion costume from Leggies (worn as arm warmers) by

If your little guy is walking, add a dragon tail to his everyday clothes and make him the talk of the town! Short dragon tail and pointy ears headband from Cherokee vest from Thermal shirt from Jeans from Sneakers from