Easter Egg Shell Art

by Marie LeBaron

Easter Egg Shell Art

How to make an Easter egg shell art project for craft time with your kids.

You Need:

  • colored egg shells
  • pencil
  • glue
  • heavy cardstock paper
  • tray 

What to do:

1. Color dye some hard-boiled eggs. You'll get six or seven good pictures with fifteen eggs. You could even leave the egg shells white if you wanted to, for a bunny or a lamb.

2. Let the eggs dry, then crack them open and save all the shell pieces. You’ll need to let all the shell pieces dry again for a little while as they are wet from the inside egg. (While the eggs dry, make one of these egg dishes for lunch!) Then place the egg shells in a plastic baggie and crush them to small bits.

3. Get some paper and place it on a tray or newspaper. With your pencil, draw an image of Easter eggs, a bunny an Easter basket, or anything else you can think of.

4. Sprinkle your egg shells over the glue. Shake off the extra, putting the extra back into the bag.

5. Let the images dry for a bit, then you can display them in a frame or give as an Easter card.