11 Creative Easter Egg Activities

by Kate Kurka

11 Creative Easter Egg Activities

From time capsule Easter eggs to glow-in-the-dark egg hunts, we have fun. Doable ways to entertain kids on Easter day

easter egg activities secret easter bunny

Secret Easter Bunny

Similar to a Secret Santa, a Secret Easter Bunny like this one from Free Time Frolics is a fun way to share gifts between family members and friends around the Easter season. Simply fill plastic Easter eggs with small treats, gifts, or gift cards and put them in a basket. Your kids can then take the baskets and drop them off at the doors of friends and family, ringing the doorbell then running away.

easter egg activities bath bombs

Easter egg bath bombs

Spring is all about revitalization, and what better way to do that for yourself than relaxing in a hot bath? These bath bombs are so easy to make and will be loved by parents and kids alike. The pastel colors are the perfect accent to any Easter basket or goodie bag. Find the full directions at The Suburban Mom.

If you’re looking for a twist on an Easter egg hunt this year, try a glow stick egg hunt like Life Songs of A Busy Mom did. Simply crack glow sticks then put them inside of the Easter eggs. Hide them like you would normal Easter eggs but don’t send the kids out to find them until after the sun has set. Everyone in the family will love trying to find the Easter eggs under the cover of darkness.

easter egg activities cool whip eggs

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

This fun twist on coloring Easter eggs from Crafty Morning is sure to be a delight for kids of any age. Simply put neon food coloring into whipped topping, swirl with a spoon to make a tie-dye effect, and put your hard boiled eggs into the mixture to color them.

easter egg activities lunch hunt

Easter egg lunch hunt

This lunch idea from Brandy at Gluesticks Blog is sure to be a hit with younger kids, and it’s super easy—just put various lunch items inside of plastic Easter eggs. Try trail mix, grapes, or cut up sandwiches inside of the eggs. After the kids gather all of them together they’ll have all of the essentials for a picnic lunch!

Easter egg activities scavenger hunt

Easter egg scavenger hunt

Another twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt from KC Edventures, this one can be used to give bigger presents or just to mix things up during your Easter traditions. Rather than putting a small gift or candy in each egg, put a clue inside of it that will lead to the next egg. Kids will then follow the clues to the grand prize.

easter egg activities relay race

eater egg relay race

For a fun outside activity try an Easter Egg relay race with the kids. Just mark an end point for the race, set an egg on a spoon, and see how fast your kids can go. To turn this into an indoor activity use a hard boiled or plastic egg instead. Head over to the blog at William-Sonoma for even more Easter party ideas.

easter egg activities watercolor eggs

Watercolor Easter egg hunt

If your kids are too little to trust with traditional dyeing of Easter eggs, this is a fun activity from Fun Learning For Kids to try instead. Before pulling out water colors, use a white crayon to draw designs and patterns. Then let the kids paint over the crayon in watercolor and watch as they designs appear for them.

For an easy and non-toxic way to dip-dye Easter eggs, look no further than a packet of Kool-Aid and this idea from Jen Geigley. This drink mix will provide the same vibrant colors as the color tablets found in stores without the mystery ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the eggs are safe to eat when you’re done dying them.

easter egg activities paper egg

Paper Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs from Easy Peasy and Fun, provide all the fun of decorating your eggs without the hassle. Simply print out an Easter egg template and using your favorite craft supplies decorate the eggs. Whether you use crayon, marker, or glitter, they’re sure to come out fabulous. When the eggs are done you can then cut out a “patch of grass” to hold your Easter eggs. If you live in an area where the weather isn’t cooperating with an Easter egg hunt, you can use these eggs to create an inside-version.

easter egg activities q tip eggs

Q Tip Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate Easter eggs without having to go through the hassle of using real eggs, try these Q-Tip Easter eggs from Clare’s Little Tots. Simply print out egg-shaped designs then use paint and a Q-Tip to let your kids to decorate their eggs however they want.