Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

by Kate Kurka

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

These adorable crafts are a great way to welcome spring. Whether you need decorations for Easter brunch, or you’re looking for an afternoon activity, these crafts can be done with children of all ages.



salt dough easy easter egg craft

If dying Easter Eggs sounds like nothing but a big mess to you, here’s an alternative option for an easy Easter craft that is just as much fun but will last for years to come. After baking the salt dough these eggs are ready to be painted on and hung for display. The Design Mom used spray paint for the base coat of the eggs, and once the paint is dried you can give the kids paint pens and let them design their very own Easter crafts!



easy easter crafts popsicle stick chick

Crafty Morning’s adorable popsicle stick chicks are an easy Easter craft to do with your children. If your kids are old enough they can cut out the feet, beak, and wings themselves. Otherwise, cut them out beforehand for the younger kids and enjoy this craft for all ages!



easy easter crafts handprint bunny

To make this cute Easter craft from Pinkie for Pink all you have to do is paint one of your child’s hands (except for the thumb) white and press it against a piece of paper. When the white paint is dry, simply add on the face accents to complete your Easter Bunny.



easy easter crafts qtip lamb

If you’re having guests over for Easter, this craft is perfect to do with your kids. This Q-Tip lamb from One Little Project is the perfect placeholder or table accent this Easter. You’ll be sure to get compliments on how sweet these lambs are, but be sure to make extra time for these, as they are more time consuming than some other Easter crafts.



easy easter crafts paper plate wreath

Perfect for using up scraps of any pretty paper you may have, this Easter wreath from The Resourceful Mama is the perfect Easter craft for kids. Simply use an egg shaped cookie cutter to trace the shape of the eggs on the paper, then cut out the shapes and glue to the outer edge of a paper plate. When your wreath is finished you can hang it for all to admire.



easy easter crafts bunny tail garland

This bunny tail garland from DIY Candy looks so much harder to do than it actually is! After downloading the template from DIY Candy simply cut out pieces of paper into the shapes of bunnies. Then make the pom poms by wrapping yarn around a fork. Before you know it you will have a trail of little bunnies along your wall.



easy easter crafts pom pom chicks

Keep the momentum going from your previously learned pom pom making skills with these cute Easter chick crafts from Consumer Crafts. Simply make a pom pom out of yellow yarn then attach orange pipe cleaners as the feet and beak and googly eyes to finish.



easy easter crafts bunny cup

This adorable bunny from She Knows is as cute as it is easy to make. All you need is a plastic cup, some craft foam, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. This is the perfect craft for all ages, older kids can cut out the pieces, while younger kids can use pre-cut pieces and glue them to the cup themselves.