Move Over Elf on the Shelf—Peep on a Perch Is Here for Easter

by Samantha McIntyre

Move Over Elf on the Shelf—Peep on a Perch Is Here for Easter

Peep on a Perch is a fun Easter tradition encouraging kids to be on their best behavior.

Peep this, here’s a tweet we can all get excited about! A little birdie revealed it’s that special time of year when those popular, pastel-colored Peeps candies land in stores across the country just in time for Easter. Before neatly nesting into carefully arranged baskets as a special treat sent from the Easter Bunny, there’s a pretty plush Peep looking to make an appearance in your home slightly before the traditional holiday celebration begins. Slide over Elf On The Shelf, there’s a hot chick looking to rule the roost and rob you of your top spot!


Unlike that sneaky, shelf-bound sprite tasked with snitching to Santa about bad boys and girls, the precious Peep on a Perch has flown the coop for a bird’s-eye view of darling little angels performing kind deeds during the day while helping out around the house, going to bed without battling mom and dad and carefully minding their manners. The sentimental storybook boxed set includes a beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book written by Andrea Posner-Sanchez and an adorable stuffed yellow Peep who will keep a mindful watch over your kiddos. Little ones are also encouraged to get in on the act by playing with their fluffy Peep pal and moving it all around the house to avoid having it miss a single sweet moment.


Hardly a spring chicken after 66 years of Peeps candy productions, the Peep on a Perch is much more than a super sugary marshmallow treat. The Easter Bunny’s new chief recruit on best behavior practices reminds kids to hop on board with being good which has been a huge hit with parents. The kinder the kids behave, the happier the Peep and the Easter Bunny will be. Perfect for starting a fun, new holiday tradition with your favorite pint-sized peeps. Designed for kids ages 3 to 7. ($25;