Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Ideas to Wow Dad

by admin

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Ideas to Wow Dad

With Father's Day right around the corner, it's time to go shopping and find dad a gift that's as awesome as he is. For help, check out our Father's Day Gift Guide. No matter what your dad is like, one of these 10 ideas will fit him.

Old-School Dad

If the dad in your life remembers the days of cassette mixtapes, then Milktape, the ultimate digital mixtape, is perfect for him. A USB drive is inside what looks like an old-school cassette, and you can handpick about 15 of his favorite songs (up to 128 MB total). Each tape can be personalized thanks to the blank cover and stickers.

Sentimental Father

Do you have a sappy, sentimental dad? Then a Time Capsule kit just might be the best gift ever. From sticker tags to patterned papers to handy questionnaires, this clever capsule contains all the tools you and dad need to preserve your family's memories.

Beer-Loving Pops

Does the father in your life love his beer? Of course, you could get him an ice-cold six-pack, but come on, he could get that any ol' day. Why not get him a Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher? It's cool. It's unique. And it's surely something your beer-loving pops could use.

Proud Dad

If you're shopping for a daddy who likes to show off his kiddos, then a custom set of Prints and Wood Block from Artifact Uprising is the gift for him. This distinctive item is a simple way to create a rotating art display with 12 images of the proud pops and his kids. The wood block is handcrafted in Colorado using beetle-kill pine reclaimed from our forests. Once considered fallen waste wood, this pine is uniquely grayish-blue in color—a pretty cool reminder of an otherwise storied past.

Practical Dad

Does your dad prefer gifts that are useful? Then check out a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. It's super simple. Select the type of razors you want for dad, pay one low monthly fee and they'll send them right to your pops. You can even add on goodies such as shave butter, post-shave cream (their version of after-shave) and gentlemen's wipes. Your dad will appreciate your practical gift—and look good after using it.

Liquor Daddy

Is your dad a gin connoisseur? Take his love of gin to the next level with a Homemade Gin Kit. This DIY liquor kit will let dad concoct his own batch of quality gin without having to buy expensive distilling equipment. Your dad will be the envy of all gin-loving papas in town.

Music-Lovin' Papa

Does your father adore music? All music? All the time? Then a Spotify subscription is the thing for him. Spotify will give him millions of songs at his fingertips: his favorite artists, the latest and greatest hits and new tunes just waiting to be discovered. He can simply hit play to stream anything he likes.

Eco Dad

Is your father serious about protecting the environment but wants to look good while doing it? Then this Leather Lunch Bag will do the trick. Since your eco-friendly dad wouldn't want to hurt trees or fill the world with paper waste, this leather, reusable lunch bag helps him protect the planet and look stylish. Lined with thick, durable waxed canvas, it really keeps cold stuff cool. Conversely, leather is a natural insulator for hot items.

Fitness-Fanatic Father

Is your dad obsessed with fitness? Or maybe he needs to lose a few pounds and could use some help? Then the Fitbit Flex makes the perfect Father's Day gift. The FitBit Flex is a wearable fitness tracker that records daily steps, sleep and active minutes. It syncs easily with iOS or Android devices, so he can track his progress on the go.

Foodie Daddy

If the way to your dad's heart is through his tummy, then you can't go wrong with a tasty gift box from Mouth, a website dedicated to indie food and tasty gifts. Think bacon, pickles, grilling spices and coffee—the things that fuel fathers everywhere. Mouth's goal is to help folks discover and get the best, most delicious and most interesting indie food products, so your dad won't be disappointed.